Hey guys!

So this year I have some exciting features I’d like to add on my blog. First is the birthday messages for any of my readers celebrating. Just send me an email (contact@daintym.com) or DM on Instagram (@daintymblog) with your birth date and I’ll be happy to send you customized messages. I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, but y’all are a huge family of different races, tribes and even languages. I appreciate this and I want to be there on your birthdays.

The second is M’s Pick Me Up Jar. I know some days can be really rough; some days we may feel lonely or even abandoned. Other days, we may just feel so blue. Well, whatever it is, I’m here by the grace of God to help pick you up. Although my blog is there to inspire you, you don’t have to wait for my next blogpost to get a pick me up. Just shoot me an email (contact@daintym.com) or send a DM on Instagram (@daintymblog) to order a jar.

But for those outside Nigeria, you could just drop a message to get a direct pick me up note from me. I’d be happy to also join you in prayers when needed.

If you’re in Nigeria, please note you can have a Pick Me Up Jar shipped to your location once you confirm your order. Feel free to Shoot me a DM in IG for more dets. @daintymblog

That’s is it for now! I’m also drafting new blogging schedules that would allow me provide more inspiring posts for you. I’m so excited about the second half of the year and I hope to get to know you more and be a blessing to your lives. It’s always my desire that you live a victorious life!




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