April was an interesting month for me. A lot happened within the short 30 days duration of the month. First I got to experience some remarkable events at work, then I made some life altering decisions, and then I traveled to the South-South region of Nigeria. As usual, I learned a lot from my journeys, and I think you should take a look!

Watching the sunrise on lazy mornings 😍

Home is where the heart belongs. The south is where my roots lie and although I don’t live there every other day, I’m always at home when I visit. I got to see fresh fruits, void of any chemical preservatives. I got to watch the sun rise overhead without it being blocked by other high rise buildings. I got to exercise and reawaken my lawn tennis skills (trust me, I could have been Serena Williams but the fear of having muscles won’t let me) 😂😂

I got to visit Calabar. It’s as beautiful as the stories you’ve heard. What was more important to me was spending those few moments with my best friend. Whether we were just making goofy faces or taking random pictures, I enjoyed being in that moment.

The world has its problems. I guess that’s why the word talks about not worrying about tomorrow because sufficient for today is the trouble thereof. You need to learn how to blank out your worries about the future and just be in the moment. Whether it is with family or friends, or at a job you love, whatever it is. Be. In. The. Moment.

When the universe won’t allow you go on a boat ride so you just sit on land 😂

Unfortunately time wasn’t on my side and I didn’t get to explore the slave museum which holds ancient tales of what happened to the blacks in precolonial times. I was more disappointed that I couldn’t go on a boat ride across the actual ‘Cross River ‘. Been tryna nail a boat cruise for months now, but I keep having a snag in my plans. It’s all good though, when the time is right 😁

I also didn’t get to eat the roadside roasted plantain and fish. But hey, I savored the peppered snails I got while traveling (yes, snail is a delicacy) 😏

As short as my stay in Calabar was, I still have remarkable photos to hold onto. I’ve learnt to slow down and smell the roses. To stop tryna figure out everything at once. All the pieces will fall together someday. Just maybe not today.

As we prepare for June, which is half of the year, let’s make every day count!



7 thoughts on “Journey of M.

  1. Oh wow, you have been busy busy! Shame you ran out of time to check everything out you wanted to see while you were there, but it looks like you had a good time nonetheless. Great photos!
    I hope June is a good month for you lovely 🙂
    Caz xx

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