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In the silence, I listen for your still voice,

But all I hear is nothing,

In the darkness, I strain to see your lighted figure,

But all I get is more darkness.

Like a pilot on a windy morning with no coordinates to fly;

I’m crashing into the earth that has pinned me down for so long,

Gravity, they call it, sinful nature, I name it.

Send me a life jacket! Anything!

If I’m gonna fall, at least let me fall into you!

I’m in the Titanic that is sinking faster than I can blink,

Call the captain!

I’ve tried and tried,

But all I get is no signal

I’ve lost your signal again.

Send me a raft! Anything!

If it takes my last breath to swim to you, that’s what I’ll do

Whatever it takes!

I would rather die than live without you,

Because without you, I’m just a dead man walking.

~Mfon Etuk, 2019

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