Day 30: What changed this month and what you hope will happen in the next month

Yaaaaaay!!!!! We did it. This is the same excitement I shared at the FMCG games when my team won. There’s nothing as satisfying as completing a project you’ve been on. Sometimes, people don’t even remember how great the start was if you end poorly or don’t end at all.
I’m really grateful to God that we could finish this challenge.

A lot changed for me. Prior to this, I was scared I couldn’t write consistently anymore. I was also scared I had lost all my faithful readers because of my inconsistency. Beyond that, a piece of me had been missing because I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose on the blog. This past month was fulfilling for me. No matter the tiredness or traffic I was facing, I would still write happily.

I’m hoping that this new zeal to keep blogging would follow me into the new month. I’ll be returning to my purely youthful blog posts about God and surviving life with anxiety, depression and even youthful desires. I’d also dabble into poetry and fiction every now and then.

I’m happy for the new blogs I discovered through this challenge. I’m grateful for the new friends and the old ones who supported me as always. God bless you!

September is over. We have three more months by God’s grace to redeem the year. Take stock of how far you’ve gone this year. What did you set out to achieve? What is left? What can be done in the next couple of months? I hope this post also serves as a wake up call for us. Time waits for no man. I still remember the first day I put up Day 1 of the challenge. Its 29 days later, and it feels like a dream. Please use the best of the time left!

Thank you again for staying with me till the end. I wish you a prosperous new month. Oh and yes, it’s Nigeria’s independence tomorrow. So yay! Happy independence! And happy new month in advance!

Love you!


7 thoughts on “30 over 30

  1. I just saw you in someone’s comments and stalked your blog then decided I had to follow you. Your consistency is supreme. Good job and happy independence day 🇳🇬🇳🇬


  2. Great Job, Jay!!!
    It was really nice going with you on this journey.
    Feeling terrible that I dropped out too early and couldn’t keep up 😪
    You’ve inspired and motivated me and others.
    Thanks a lot


  3. Hey Mfon! I’m so happy you’re back to blogging 🙂 I’ve been out of the blogging game myself lately, but I’m starting to ease myself back into this wonderful community. God bless you and never stop writing!

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