Today’s post is interesting. And I must warn anyone who wants to experiment with it, that this only works 99% of the time. 😁 Let’s dive into it now, shall we!

Day 25: 10 Ways to Win My Heart

1. Be my best friend- this is probably the hardest task because it involves genuinely connecting with me on a soul and spiritual level. It’s a point where we can talk about any and everything with no strings attached. It takes time to grow this, but only when this is achieved will I truly be comfortable and free with you. On the plus side, I’m crazy about my best friends 😎

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2. Be there– this is the easiest way to win my heart. Just be there when I need you (even if I don’t tell you). I’m one to act independent, but only the sensitive friends around can tell when I’m vulnerable or broken. Those who stay at such times win my heart a thousand times.

3. Major on the minor- it’s the little things that get me. The extra pen I’m given in class by a boy when he notices mine has stopped working. The food someone orders because they know I’m too hungry to cook. The random flower someone gives me because they know I love flowers. Little thoughtful things like that win my heart.

4. Respect boundaries- I know this isn’t easy or appealing. But the ability to respect my boundaries and personal space is a heart winner. Boundaries are key for me, and I know I have enough of ’em! πŸ˜‚ We’re two individuals, not one person. Those who understand this and can give space without any hard feelings, are the real Gs!

5. Be sensitive- I know I’ve talked about being there, but sensitivity is important to me. I can smell insensitivity from a mile away and swerve to the opposite direction. You could be the most amazing person in the world, but giving off insensitive remarks or having a distorted view about women is a big no from me.

6. Be vulnerable- guys who are not afraid to be vulnerable with me are the ones I connect easily with. It’s in vulnerability I feel depth. It’s easy to impress anyone with the facade of a well-to-do guy who has his life figured out. But moments of pure vulnerability where you admit you need help or you’re really tryna figure this thing called life are the moments that appeal to me the most.

7. Be romantic- I’m a hopeless romantic, so to win my heart, you’ve gotta be romantic too. Remember, it’s not always the major things that increase your score, it’s the sweet little consistent things you do that matter to me. 😘

8. Share similar music and movie tastes- I admit that I have a weird taste in music. Maybe that’s why people that have same taste as me always gladden my heart. If we can easily share new songs with each other, or share earplugs and both nod to the same beats, then you’re on to victory πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

9. Plan a day out- haha, I had to research on this topic and when I saw this, I knew it was me. I find it super interesting when a guy can actually plan a day out for us. I don’t like leaving my house, but then knowing that someone put in the effort to map out a day of adventures is super cool!

10. Align on principles and philosophies- can two work together except they agree? If we don’t align on core values and principles, then there’s really no heart to be won! πŸ˜‚ I mean, this is at the root of it all- same belief systems, ideologies, faith, outlook on life etc. We may not be the same person, but only when there’s an alignment can my heart be won.

hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you about the 10 ways to win my heart. Do share yours!

Thanks for reading!

5 days to go!



4 thoughts on “Day 25 of 30

  1. Safe to say that I have won your heart na. Yes? Thank you! As you were.
    Haha. For me it’s similar.
    1. Be my best friend.
    2. Show up.
    3. Be vulnerable.
    4. Earn my trust.
    5. Be kind. Not just to me but also random people.
    6. Write me letters (this should have been 1 sef.)
    7. Love my friends and family too.
    8. Be reliable (quite similar to 2. I just need to know I can count on you abeg.)
    9. Constantly affirm me. Words of affirmation for the win please.
    10. Be crazy like me. (I mean, this ought to go without saying. Lol)


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