Hi guys!
How’s your week so far? I know the transition from the weekend can be a little rough, but I hope the Monday blues are over. Thanks for keeping up with the 30 days blogging challenge till this time. You are the best!
Today’s post is one of those real and honest pieces, hope you enjoy it!

Day 24: Things you want to say to 5 different people

To Eddy…

I’d like to appreciate you for all that you are- my sis, friend, Lagos mom, and number 1 fan. You’re a cheerleader and from you I’ve learnt how to keep a positive outlook on life (this is never easy for me). I see in you a strong woman that I’m not- at least, not yet. You’re sacrificial, loyal and committed to anything you put your mind to. I’m blessed to have you. Thanks for giving me the cutest niece and nephew. Love you sis! Please don’t run to my room to hug me after reading this. 😁

To Omy…
You’re one of the few people that the waves of time and distance haven’t washed away from my life. I appreciate your friendship and persistence. But this isn’t about us. I’d like to tell you how strong I think you are. How courageous it is for someone to let themselves feel things they never knew they were capable of feeling. I think that’s what makes you brave. You may not understand why things happened the way they did, but I’m confident that God is crazy about you and this isn’t the end of that story. Love you dear. I imagine the shock on your face when you see this. 😏

To Marco…

Look, you made it to my blog! I know you’d be frozen at the moment, but it’s fine. 😊 I’m sorry for looking past the good in you and focusing on the mean things. I really do forgive you for all the hurt you didn’t know you caused me. And I hope you forgive me too for hurting you. I’m also sorry for pushing your friends away, I’m sure they were just being loyal- as mine was. Just want you to know it’s really fine now. Thanks for the memories.🌹

To the Captain…
When you say you look up to me, I feel the burden to be perfect. To be greater than I am. To be the me that I’m not- yet. But beyond that, I can also be vulnerable with you. Honest, even. There’s basically no season of my life you haven’t witnessed. And the most amazing thing is, you never look at me less. You still hold me in such esteem as though you can see in me, all that I’m capable of being. For who you are, I’d always cherish you. You can stop blushing now. 😏

To My Readers…
Blogging is more than a hobby for me, it’s the fulfilment of a vision. When I abandon my blog, I feel the emptiness. Beyond that, blogging has given me a new family- a virtual one. With every new contact and every new name, I’ve become more open to the endless world of possibilities. I’ve made friends with people from across the world from this platform, and I just wanna appreciate you all for believing in the vision. This challenge has no doubt opened me up; and you’ve connected to me on this open and honest level. Thank you for your patience. Thanks for coming back over and again. Chris, Tee, Courtney, Emily, Leaf-Lets, Tamie, Zee, Beaton, Sweet believer, Adaugo… to mention a few of the bloggers I’ve come to know; keep writing, keep inspiring. I’m proud of y’all!

Photo Credit: Giphy.com

And with that, I drop the mic. This feels like my heart just pooped in it’s pants. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’žπŸ’“ Too much mushiness for one day.

Thanks again for reading! Feel free to share some things you’d like to tell different people.

Have a good night.


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