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Day 23: Something you always think ‘what if’ about.

I always wonder,
What if I could pick up my bag,
And travel to a new place,
A place I know little about,
To experience life differently,
With no schedules or routines.

What if,
I could take that trip with another soul,
A soul same as mine,
Hand in hand,
Exploring new cultures, food, and sights.

What if I could be like wild horses,
Throwing caution into the wind,
And just be me,
Undefined by society
A creature fulfilling the full potentials of the Creator.

What if I was truly fearless,
Bold, even-
Able to stand up for who I am,
With no inkling of fear,
For what can man do to me when He is with me?

What if,
I stopped thinking of the what ifs,
And just did things?
Perhaps start with that plane ticket
And that adventure that only happens in my mind.

What if…

©Mfon Etuk, 2018

Well, that piece pretty sums up what I think ‘what if’ about. I have a contained wanderlust that I’m afraid would explode someday if I don’t truly experience the world and nature as I crave for. But then there are responsibilities and fears that wouldn’t let me fulfill these desires. Sighs. I pray someday, I do them.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Your turn: What’s that thing you think what if about?

Have a lovely week ahead!

7 days left!



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