Happy Sunday!

I’m already having that ‘Smonday’ feeling- you know, when Sunday starts feeling like Monday. Lol. Today was a good day. I got to spend time with family in the house of God. The message was on keeping our bodies healthy, and recognizing that we were made the way we are to fulfil our purpose.

This doesn’t take away the place of good exercise though; I’ve been lacking in that department for a while. I hope I can fit in exercise into my new routine.

Anyway, the point of the message is to know that we didn’t make ourselves, God made us. It’s therefore pointless to complain about how He made us (we couldn’t have done a better job). Accepting that we’re wonderfully made and beautiful in God’s eyes is the first step to self love. You don’t have to change anything about you (physically, I mean. ‘Cos if your character is wrong, you sure need change). 😁

Oh yes, we must also recognize that God owns our bodies so we’ve gotta honour it and keep it well. Remember that as Christians , the Holy Spirit lives in us so we’ve gotta keep our bodies clean. Alright, ama stop here before I turn it into a sermon on the mount. Lol. πŸ’™πŸ’™

Let’s go to today’s challenge now, shall we?

Day 16: 3 things you are proud of about your personality

Hmmm. I’ve never really thought about this. I know I’m introverted, and I love almost everything about introversion. Lol. It’s like, I love being alone yeah, but with the right people. Those who wouldn’t drain my energy. Lemme try to draw up a list:
1. I love that I’m cool, calm and collected (in every sense of the phrase)- I got the name ‘Princess’ back in school because of how prim and proper I am. I don’t like being all over the place, nor do I like anything to be out of place. So I’m always calm in demeanor and collected in thoughts. And about being cool, hell yeah! 😎😎 I’m proud of that about my personality.

2. I love that I’m deep- I guess this also comes with my personality as well. I get bored by shallow or vain things. It’s like, so what’s next? Is this all? I need depth to relate with someone for a long time. My mantra is deep calleth unto deep. My deep mind attracts the kind of friends I keep (for some reason, most of these friends are introverted too).

3. I love that I’m quirky and weird– I’ve always loved being different and seeing things differently. While I may try to fit in physically, my mind will always lead me in the quirkiest ways. I always gravitate towards weird stuff and fellow weirdos. I just love being different! It’s hard at times to remain different when everyone else is a particular way, but that’s just who I am and I’m proud of it.

That’s it from me! 😁

What are the three things about your personality that you love?

Do have an amazing week!