Happy Friday guys!

That TGIF feeling yeah? Hope you had a great week? I guess I did too, or maybe it’s just the excitement of sleeping that is making me say so. Oh yeah, I need help in creating a work life balance. Can you suggest any fun thing that I can still do in my comfort zone? Lol. Would look out for your comments and mails.
So to today’s post!

Day 14: Something disgusting I do

Haha! Spotlight on me now! Have you noticed how easy it is to point out disgusting things that others do? But when it comes to ourselves it’s like hell yeah, I’m just perfect! Don’t you see my halo? I’m tempted to think that way a lot of times. But I’m gonna be real here- there’s no need doing this challenge if I won’t be honest.

First, I tend to leave my closet and room scattered most times. Shocking! I know right. Especially because I’m a planner and I organize my wardrobe for the month on excel sheets. But when it comes to the physical location, it’s just really hard to maintain an organised space. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Thanks to some of my friends and my sister in particular who always help me arrange my stuff from time to time.

Second, I have a thing for not sharing personal eating utensils. I think it’s a lil disgusting because someone drinks from my cup and I have to spend the next moment trying to perceive or spot which part the person drank from so I can avoid it. If it’s a cutlery, I may have to wipe it before I continue eating. Not many people like seeing me do that, that’s why I’ve put it on the list.

Third, I can be really petty sometimes. It’s like I try not to be petty, but the pettiness just comes out of me πŸ˜‚ I pick on the little things and latch on to them.

Fourth, I hear I’m a control freak. I like people doing things in the right way- my way. I want things done in a certain way all the time, and when it’s not, you’re wrong. I just really like being in control of everything. God is still working on this part of me though.

Hmmm, what else? I think being judgy should be on this list. And if we’re honest, some of us are guilty of it. As I said in the beginning, it’s easier to see someone else’s fault than to see ours. But like the Bible says we need to take out the logs in our eyes before picking the speck out of our neighbour’s eyes. Point is, before you go judging someone, deal with yourself first.
I’m not so proud of these disgusting habits, and I’m definitely gonna keep working on them.

So how about you? Any disgusting things you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely one! See you tomorrow!



8 thoughts on “Day 14 of 30

  1. I bite my nails.
    And I pick my nose.
    These can be tres disgusting to a lot of folks, so I don’t do them in public. And they aren’t daily occurrences.

    Thing is I enjoy them *palms face*


  2. I bite my nails a lot.

    It gets worse when I’m feeling sleepy and not chewing gum available.

    I do this unconsciously that I have had my friends slap my hand out of my mouth. I have made deliberate efforts to change but I have been defeated every single time.


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