Hi guys!

Welcome to Day 12 of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge! Hope your day was good. Guess what? I saw the sun today, and it was beautiful. The five minutes it came out for were the brightest moments of my day. Classic case of ‘You never know what you have until it’s gone.’ There have been times when we’ve frowned at the sun because of the intense heat that accompanied it. But after having a straight week of nonstop rainfall, the sun was just a relief. Hope you also had something to brighten your day. Now, to today’s post!

Day 12: Things you want to say to an ex

Uhmm, this will probably be the shortest post ‘cos I really don’t think I have anything to say. Lol. Well, lemme think. 😉


Still nothing. Haha.

I think we were all just extremely different people and the relationship was bound to end. So, no hard feelings there. I learned enough from you and you’ll still be a part of my historical background. Lol.

So I tried googling on this topic and here are some of the pictures I found:

Photo Credit: Thegoodquote

I guess we just have to be more careful not to lose valuable people in our lives.

Sighs. The thing about broken promises!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Aww, so sad! It does take time to get over people, but once a person has moved on, I think it’s just mean and unfair to try rekindling old flames.

Haha! This meme had me laughing so hard.

In all fairness, I probably would have had a lot to say if I wrote this post when the relationship ended. But it’s been a while and my brain has probably lost that data. Lol.

I’m gonna leave you with this though:

Photo Credit: Instagram

Learn from whatever experiences you’ve had and stop living the past.



19 thoughts on “Day 12 of 30

    1. Wow! I like that. Not many remember to apologize to their exes. I think that’s a really grown up thing to do. As for the part about me, I know not what you speak of! 😂 Thanks Captain!


  1. 7 years of straight up learning…

    I’ll tell ya!

    I would never speak bad on anyone…

    no matter what…

    that ain’t me…

    So I would like to say to her…

    “I hope all is well for you and your kids. Stay strong and never let your fucked up past grind you down.”


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