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Thanks for showing up for today’s challenge. Is it just me or is September flying by? For some reason, the rains have decided to go on forever; seeing the sun is like seeing a unicorn right now. 😂 Anywho, I hope your day was great. Let’s get on with today’s challenge.

Day 10: Your views on drugs and alcohol

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Hey, come back! Haha. I’m not tryna be judgy or churchy, I’m actually gonna reason this out logically.
When we talk about drugs,we’re talking about hard substances, or even the abuse of prescription meds that can alter a person’s brain or entire nervous system. Alcohol also has similar effects- it can change a person’s reality or cause them to act in a way that they normally wouldn’t.

I once had a presentation in class on drug trafficking. My case study was codeine, found in cough syrups. It was beyond me how people could get high on cough syrup! The video showed the gory details of people who were hooked on codeine and how a lot of them had to be tied in chains to be contained. That’s crazy!

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The problem with these substances is that they are very addictive. You take them, enjoy the feeling and then take them again and again. As with addictions, it gets to the point where you have no control over the amount of intake. You just gotta have it, no matter the cost.

In my opinion, I don’t think it makes any sense to take something that has the potential of causing so much damage to one’s brain and nervous system. As you know, I’m big on brains, and anything that would cause my brain not to function well is a no from me (In Simon’s voice).

Let me drive home my point using this example. Take a look at the typical Lagos bus conductor: the one who shouts at you to enter the bus, shouts at you to collect the bus fare, still shouts at you when you’re receiving your change. Oh, and he shouts and cusses at other motorists that get in his way (even when he gets in theirs). That’s strange right? Well here is it: in the early hours of the day, he’s already buying alcohol in tiny bottles and sachets. He tops that up with a long smoke of weed to set himself on high (pun intended). Then he comes in smelling in the most awful way and starts to speak aggressively to passengers. It takes the grace of God not to get so angry on the way to work. How about coming back? I literally sat beside a bus conductor who was high, and still drank the sachet liquor as though it was water. After that, he had a good draw on whatever he was smoking and then puffed into the darkened skies. I couldn’t ask him for my change anymore, just so I wouldn’t receive an undeserving slap. Lol. I mean, the dude was already barking at everyone on the bus.

The thing is, I understand that when they are their normal selves and clean from whatever high they are on, they wouldn’t act so harshly- it’s absolutely uncalled for. When you look at situations where parents are abusive or domestic violence is prevalent, you’d find that in most cases, drugs or alcohol is involved.

Based on what I’ve seen as the effects of drugs and alcohol, I wouldn’t want anyone I’m close to to dabble into it. Heck! I wouldn’t even want my enemies to do so. Lol.

Let’s hear your views on drugs and alcohol 😊😊



5 thoughts on “Day 10 of 30

  1. I say No to Recreational and abuse of prescription drugs.

    I take alcohol occasionally..mostly social once in a blue moon. I don’t sit and crave to have it or feel the need to have it to feel better.
    Yes it can be addictive if there’s no moderation.

    Health wise they are both bad and risk factors for a number of non communicable diseases.


  2. Well I’ve been sober For 3yr, 9mths, 15days….

    I’m proud of myself…

    but me personally!

    I came up rough as fuck…

    losing alot of friends and family…

    all the murders…

    From prison to prison…

    jail to jail…

    poor as fuck…

    no love what so ever in my life…

    I loved drugs like that warm hug from a mother…

    One that I never Gotten….

    All though they were bad…

    For the most part…

    They numbed my phisical and mental pains…

    an the visons of seeing many lives up close taken in the streets right in front of me… and etc….

    lol sorry for getting so personal…


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