Happy Sunday!

Hope you had a well rested day. I know I did. Thank God it’s the ninth day! Hope you’ve also caught up on all the days you missed on the challenge. πŸ™Œ

Let’s get in to today’s post right away!

Day 9: Your last kiss

Let me start by saying, there are different types of kisses: a kiss of death, a kiss of love, a kiss of betrayal, a kiss of loss, a kiss of welcome etc. Well, that said, my last kiss was a goodbye kiss. (Bet you didn’t see that coming- lol).

It was a remarkable departure from the anger, hurt and resentment I felt towards that person. Some people who knew what happened were shocked that I had already forgiven him. In all honesty, it was one of the hardest things to do. But I had to. God was moving me from one phase to the next and I just had to let go. I kinda felt like the guy in ‘The Shack’ movie who had to let go of the pain he went through without understanding why. We may never understand why God lets us pass through difficult moments. I mean, I couldn’t figure why He’d let His baby girl go through so much pain. I was super angry at the time (not as angry as the chic in Acrimony though- haha). Letting go was a tough act of faith, and the goodbye kiss was the last full stop to that chapter of my life.

Kisses can be good or bad. It can be as perfect as standing under the moonlight listening to your favourite song and kissing someone you’ve always wanted to. Or it can be as painful as the betrayal kiss Judas gave Jesus when leading him to those who would eventually kill him. You know, being like Christ is not always easy breezy lemon squeezy, it’s tough, tough, tough!

I mean, Jesus knew the guy was gonna betray him- yet, he was still nice to him. Jesus even went on to fix the ear of the dude whom Peter had gone all kung fu panda on. What fascinates me the most is that he even prayed for God to forgive these people who hurt him ‘cos they didn’t know what they did. If I say these were the prayers I said when I felt betrayed, I’d be a liar.

There’s just so much pain and betrayal one can face before love turns to hate. I had crossed that line. It was affecting my relationship with God, and I didn’t like that. So I had to make a choice between holding on to the pain or just letting it all go. Sometimes your growth with God would make you take the toughest decisions . I let go, and God hasn’t let me go one bit.

Maybe you’ve been meted by the hurtful side of love. Maybe you’ve been hurt so bad that you’ve given up hope on finding the one that would truly love you. I want you to know that healing may be slow, but it is gonna happen if you let it. My last kiss may have been sour but that doesn’t stop me from believing in love and in happy endings. I urge you to let that healing take place so you can fully forgive whoever hurt you. And I pray your last kiss is more of the ‘happily ever after’ kind- I love hearing such! 😁😘

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