What is it about the old that keeps a strong hold on us? Why do we often cling to a familiar past that has left us in a worse state?

My phone screen got bad and I struggled to be productive. I was spending more time manoeuvring it in order to send a message. But when my sister opted that I use her old phone, a good part of me didn’t wanna. I rather wanted to cling to my phone: it was pretty and had, well , my entire life in it! Which is kinda stupid. Why should our phones carry all our secrets? This kinda explains the heartache people face when their phones get stolen. I digress. So after going through the back and forth in my mind, I decided to switch phones. Besides, my old phone had gotten worse (but I was too hell bent to see it).

Another case for me is that of leaving school. By this time last year, I was psyched to be going to grad school for a course I clamored for. I was super excited about my new life away from the city stress. School for me was a sanctuary where I could just eat, read, play, attend classes and pray. Now I’m out of the system and I honestly feel so lost half the time. I’m back to work life and I’m just overwhelmed. I keep clinging to the past year where I was with amazing friends and enjoyed beautiful lectures. The reality is that, that year is gone; much like my previous phone. And I have to learn to let it go. These things were great while they lasted, but if I don’t let them go, I will remain stuck.

Like me, some of you have some things you’re holding to even when you know you shouldn’t. It could be a past relationship or a job you’ve gone at for so long but don’t wanna let go. If you’re not growing or progressing, then why do you keep holding on? Why do you sing the same sorry songs over again?

Life is like a river that flows. Change will continue to happen whether we life it or not. You can’t keep holding on to the bowl of water you fetched yesterday, when there’s a new one. Much like what God told the Israelites about not keeping manna till the next day. People who kept theirs discovered how rotten it was the next day. Yes, uncertainty may be the reason why we hold on to the past or to dysfunctional elements. But we need to trust the One who holds the future while we let go of the past. It won’t be easy, but it is not impossible.

What’s that one thing you’re holding on to that you need to let go of?

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Diary of a Transitioning Millennial (Reloaded)

  1. This is awesome wisdom Mfon! It’s so true that seasons change and that we need to be able to let go of certain things in order to take hold of what God wants to give us. And of course, our twenties are full of these changes!


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