instasquare_20184793813805It was the eve of her departure. She was going back home to a foreign country that had become home. I went to see her at the first break of dawn hoping to save pockets of time before her cousins whisked her away. This was the second time we were going to see in eight years.

She was my daughter. But that was way back in secondary school where seniors had juniors under their wings to carry as mothers. She was like me in too many ways- that, I only found out as we grew older. I got to the hallway in time to see her waiting there in her pyjamas- very much like me. I was stunned by the woman she had become. I was proud of her.

We talked and laughed for what felt like minutes, even though they were hours. We wished for more time. For the universe to pause for a while or for our fates to change that we may be reunited again. But like the sand in the hourglass, bit by bit, time passed. Her cousins had come and she was soon leaving.

From her open travel bag, peered an antique box which I first thought was a book. She loved books, much like her mother. I smiled when I discovered it was even something more exciting! It was a jewellery box in a book shape. ‘You can have it, mother’ she said, without thinking. I knew what she was doing- she was leaving a piece of her with me.

We both knew it took great courage to let go. Literally, we could not let go of stuff we had because of the sentiments attached. But my daughter traded in this box so I could have a piece of her till we meet again. I’ve carried this box with me everywhere as I have carried her in my heart.

No doubt I love and appreciate gifts. But for me, the greatest gift has been the gift of Jesus Christ. At times when I fall and feel so downcast by my sins, I’m often reminded of the blood He shed on the cross for me. Talk about a loving father sending His only son to die for a bunch of people that don’t even care. I’m always in awe.

To all those who have left a piece of them through gifts or exchanges, just know that I think of you and I pray for you. I’m also hoping to leave a piece of me with everyone I come across so they could do the same. But most importantly, I hope you live with a piece of the Son of God who came and died for you. Believe me, that’s the best gift ever!

Thanks again, daughter for this present, this post is dedicated to you.

Lots of love,


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