24 (2)Most people assert that you cannot move forward when you keep looking back. But I say, you need to look in the rearview mirror to reverse your car before you can move forward.  Today, being the mark of my quarter-of-a-century (QOAC) celebration, I’m all about looking back. For a while now, I’ve been obsessing with my childhood photographs and other memory capsules.

For me, it’s therapeutic to look back. It’s like I get to time travel back to a time when an anxious couple awaited my entry to the world. I still picture my dad in his afro and beards pacing the hospital hallways. Haha. I mean, my big sisters, then so little were excited to know they had a bouncing baby girl whose hair they would braid. Although they expected a boy, they didn’t for a second ignore just how special I was. No one did. Until I grew up and let the devil mess up my mind with insecurities and imperfections.

I’m taken back to a time when things were simpler. When my father’s walls kept me safe from the wolves outside; now I have to face the world with all the values and beliefs I kept. I have to wade off the wolves; and hey, I’ve been bitten by some. It’s all part of the process, I guess.

When we look back, we’re able to see just how far we’ve come. We’re also able to correct foolish mistakes. We’re able to see those who have stuck with us through the journey and appreciate them. In looking back, you’ll see the blessings, the failures, the priceless moments and so much more! As usual, I have to look back to draw up a thanksgiving list as well as the 24 Lessons list.

As God would have it, my QOAC celebration coincides with Easter and this is a time when we look back on what God did for us. He sent His only son to die for us some 2000 years back. I’m still yet to see a love that beats that! I know you may have started the Christian stuff and got screwed up along the way. But this is a time to look back upon the nail pierced hands of our saviour so dear. It’s time to look back at the one who offers forgiveness if only you’d admit how much you need Him. I pray for you today that you’ll let Him have His way in your life this season.

For this special QOAC celebration, I went with the 90s kid theme! I love this party theme because it really takes me back with each fashion piece. Also, I tagged this the ‘I can’t adult today’ theme because the pressures of being a full adult may be surmounting. But today I’m like hey, I’m not gonna stress it. I’m just gonna be a kid again because I’ve got a Big Daddy in Heaven who’s given me this gift of life. I’m so appreciative of my friends who joined me for this! Let’s continue to goof together!


Lots of love,



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