24 (1).jpgHey guys,

As with every new birth year, I take some time to go through the things I’ve learned in past years. I pray you find something helpful as you read!

  1. There will be people who would straight out antagonize you and try to pull you down. But there’ll also be cheerleaders who don’t get paid to support you but yet do it faithfully.
  2. Life is no unidirectional movement. Many times you’d be tossed into the twists and turns even when you want to stick to a linear plan.
  3. As you age, so do your parents. With every passing day, get closer to them.
  4. We don’t make mistakes. Mistakes make us.
  5. You can explore. Heck! You must explore!
  6. You only live once, so live wisely cos ain’t nobody got time for that!
  7. Exercise is all fun and games until life happens. Strive to stay healthy.
  8. You can never get enough of God. Overdose on Him.
  9. There’ll be times you’ll have money and other times you won’t. Always save!
  10. Don’t be afraid to go back to school or take a new course. It’s a lot of work and fun.
  11. Never stop being a child. Except if you’re just plain out childish in your thinking- discard that. But seriously, life is way too intense to lose your inner child. Ya know, that playful one that still loves ice cream.
  12. Allow people to help you when they want to; you’ll also be someone’s helper. Everyone needs help.
  13. Stay committed and loyal to whatever relationship you’re in. It’s an investment for you and for them.
  14. Do what makes you happy. Find it. Cultivate it.
  15. There’ll be days you’ll feel like letting go. Pause. Cry. Then wear your big girl pants and go finish what you started.
  16. The church may have hypocrites. But if you’re being honest, you may just be one of them. Don’t stay away from them.
  17. It may seem as though everyone is having stuff going on for them. Trust me, they feel the same way about you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.
  18. You’re getting to your prime- you’ll look hotter, smarter and it’s gonna be raining men! But don’t be distracted from the ultimate goal.
  19. You’re stronger than you think. Self-doubt will come but always remind yourself of this truth.
  20. It’s never just about you. It’s about someone bigger who has you playing a role in His huge masterplan.
  21. You’re gonna fall down a lot in your walk with God. But never stop pressing on for perfection.
  22. Everyone wants to fit you into their mould. Problem is, you’d never fit. Be your own mould.
  23. It’s okay to have a different idea of fun. You don’t have to party to be considered ‘fun’. Watch those funny YouTube videos, laugh at memes on Instagram, cook those yummy meals, have a book club or stay under the blanket with your favourite movie…if that’s what fun is to you.
  24. Seek out the beauty in the mundane and find love in the hate. It’s there somewhere.

Please feel free to share some of the lessons you’ve also learned through your life journey. Thanks!



13 thoughts on “24 Life Lessons

  1. One thing I have learnt is that it’s okay if people have negative opinions about you, don’t let that weigh you down but continue to live your truth and do what you know is right.
    And this thing called Life can take you in so many directions that you didn’t anticipate but hold on and trust the journey that God has something beautiful for you.
    Happy birthday M!!❤


  2. I love this M! Especially overdosing on God, definitely a necessity! And it’s so true that we can’t fit other people’s molds. It’s something that I have been learning a lot lately. Happy belated birthday and Easter!


  3. Aww. Happy birthday season dear.

    God bless you richly for this refreshing post.

    I love 10, 17 and 20 most 😀👏

    I’ve sure missed reading your blog 😀😇 This was refreshing indeed.

    Keep queening to the glory of God!


  4. I like #1, it’s a nice reality to accept that you’re not everyone’a flavor of ice cream, and then move on. I love 10! It’s amazing how many free resources we have available to us and the amount of knowledge that we can consume, its awesome! That’s awesome that you reflect! Thank you for sharing.

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