instasquare_2017929141047927Exhaustion is a common characteristic of being burnt out. And hey, that’s just physical exhaustion. What happens when you’re burnt out in your soul and spirit? You watch as the last wisp of smoke from the quenched candle fades into the dark background. No doubt you’ve got your back to the ground.  

For me, I got so burnt out because of anxiety. Anxiety owing to the fact that I wanted to plan, prepare, set my life in order. Or as most young adults would say; ‘get my shit together’.

In a culture where you’re constantly reminded that you’re not getting any younger; time is of the essence.  So while I stared at the clock that wouldn’t budge, I looked forward to a period where freedom would be paramount and time would be but a minute factor.

I embarked on a 7-day recovery plan. To break off from usual routines and familiar environments to a place where I could reboot and refresh. I hope you enjoy this series I’ve titled the Road to Recovery.

Happy New Month!

Lots of love,


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