I gazed into the dark skies 

A reflection of my soul 

Bleak and starless 

My soul languished 

My body anguished 

My spirit was vanquished  


Deep within the clouds 

I found the light 

A full moon 

On a starless night 

Behold the comfort it brought 

To a heart that was burnt-out


I was not alone 

Never was- 

Even when I was surrounded by darkness 

And my clouds were heavy with rain 

Your light still penetrated my core 

Holding me together when I thought I fell apart  


You’re my full moon on a dark night 

Sunrise on a cold morning 

My solace, my comfort 

Best friend when I’m lonely  

You’re the life in me 

My all in all.  

©Mfon Etuk, 2017

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