the shack
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Heaven knows 

The tears you’ve shed 

The words you regret 

The loss that rips your heart 

The smile you can’t remember when last you had 


Heaven knows  

How mad you are at God 

How stuck you are in your past 

How blinded you are by the world 

How lost you feel right now 

©Mfon Etuk  2017

I’ve always  loved the song ‘Heaven Knows’ by Hillsong United. But then most of the scenes in the video were from a movie I hadn’t seen. Until today. The Shack is definitely my movie of the year! Faith based, surreal and yet so real! 😊

A lot of us struggle with hurt and pain. Some of us are even mad at God for all the things that He allowed in our lives. But that movie was so comforting. It captured the pain, the anger, and the road to forgiveness. I cried an awful lot through the movie. Words can’t explain how I feel about it.

While this may come off as a movie review, it’s more than that. This is coming from a place that has been dipped into the love of God. The overwhelming love of God that sees no gender, race, ethnicity or even personality. A love that hugs us back to life. I pray you experience this love of God. Heaven knows how much I want you to be loved and brought back to wholeness.




15 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Shack

  1. Wow, I love this movie too! It really does shake you to the core. If anyone struggles with believing that God is good or exists in this world, they should watch it. I want to read the book too!


  2. I love the poem…or is it part of the song? I haven’t heard the song though or watched the movie but it sounds like something I’ll love to watch.


  3. Hi there! 🙂 Its been such a long time. Hope you are doing okay?
    I like the message you got from the movie, I didn’t particularly enjoy the movie however but I guess there are a lot of people it helped.

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