Hi guys!

I started out this year with a vision of discovery and growth. There’ve been times I pursued after growth and other times when growth pursued me and I ran away. Lol. Ironic isn’t it? Most times we want to grow and become the beautiful butterflies but the process of change can be so painful that you remain content being a caterpillar.

Back in highschool  I was taught that growth was one of the basic characteristics of living things. I don’t remember being taught how painful and uncomfortable it could be. Yes, we supposedly grow with every birthday. But real growth happens deliberately and takes a good chunk of discipline. And if you’re just being plain lazy about growth, life throws you some situations where you have to grow or wither.

I love rings. Not like wedding rings (maybe some of ‘em) Lol. But am referring to fashion rings. I had this pretty one with a green pebble but I lost it in the cinema. I felt the universe was against me that day. Is it just me that gets so sentimental about objects? I couldn’t stop brooding. Regardless of the other rings that survived, all I could think of was the one I had lost. Then I finally had to let go.

Letting go is an important part of growth; letting go of the past and looking to the future. Letting go of mistakes, hurts, people who didn’t treat us right, jobs that didn’t work out, betrayals and everything in between…you’ve just gotta let it go.

I saw this nice movie ‘Last Words’ and a line struck me; “we don’t make mistakes, mistakes make us”. Some of us are so scared of making mistakes and at the end of the day, we fail to grow. Mistakes make us who we are. We learn from them, we grow from them.

I don’t know if you have deliberate plans for growth, but I kinda hope you do. At least, before life forces you to grow. The growth process may seem slow, painful or just unbearable. But if you keep pushing, you’re gonna be that beautiful butterfly.

QOTD: Is there anything you’ve really loved having but later lost? How did you deal with it?



9 thoughts on “Of Butterflies, Rings and Growth

  1. Real growth happens deliberately and takes a good chunk of discipline. Word
    It took me a long time to learn how to let go of things( both material and immaterial) . But I’ve realized, with time I’ve finally learned.


  2. Yes, I still deal with it today. Every day as I grow stronger in healing. My heart gets stronger along with my faith, wisdom, and courage. Very true piece you’ve written. Thank you


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