Goodbyes are forLosers (2)

There are times in our lives when it seems nothing is working. Not even the new wristwatch you got. Nada! Zilch! Then you somehow remember some of God’s promises; ‘You’re the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath’. You laugh hard ‘cause you’re way below ‘beneath’. You’re flat ass broke, lonely, depressed, helpless; basically, you’re pretty low. But soon enough you catch a tiny glimpse of hope; a deal, a proposition from a friend, a promise made by someone to send you funds, a connection that seems to be just what you needed.

You’re back up, with your mind churning out plans per second. Planning is a drug that gives you a high you just can’t describe. You’ve already printed out the blueprints for your life. Forgetting that this was what got you in the sorry state in the first place- tryna do things for yourself, by yourself. Let’s pause a bit and take a trip down the Bible lane.

There was a time the children of God were transferring the Ark of the Covenant, pretty much God’s very presence. Along the rocky path, the Ark tilted and looked like it would fall off, so this guy jumps based on reflex to help balance the Ark and he was struck dead. I mean, the Ark is falling and you swoop in to help, pretty basic stuff anyone would have done, yeah? But in this story we learn one simple truth; YOU CAN’T HELP GOD. He doesn’t need your help.

Now before we get back to the first story, let’s take a detour to the life of the beautiful wife of Abraham who was long promised a son. She waited and waited and was tired of waiting. Then one day the brilliant idea came into her mind, just maybe what God meant by they would have a son was that they should find a means to do so. You know, either go adopt or maybe get a surrogate- oh wait, she had a pretty slave girl who would make a fine son for Abraham. Voila! She ran with the idea and well, it didn’t turn out so well in the end. Once again, you can’t help God.

So yes, you’ve gotten that promise from man, that glimpse of hope that your life can be saved by your extra efforts and your intellectual prowess. Off you go by your strength and might. But still you don’t go so far. Flop! You’re back on your bum.

God’s promises can only be fulfilled by the hands of God, not by your efforts. I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt my brilliance or wits could help me but I’ve been largely disappointed. And then other seasons where I know I couldn’t have done anything to get what I got- purely God’s hands at work. On the scoreboard in my mind, it’s M-0 and God- 100. And that’s how it should be. Not 50-50.

Only the hand of God can fulfill God’s plan. But hey, you need faith- a teeny tiny bit of it would do- You need to believe that God loves you and He isn’t a mean, Hercules looking god somewhere with a hammer waiting to pound you. God loves you and has great plans for you. You’ve gotta believe it and watch Him step into your messy state to help you.

So whenever you feel like helping God, take my advice- DON’T. He’s got this!

Lots of love,