Take Off The Mask.jpgI watched as she slowly found her way through the darkness to her favourite seat in front of the mirror. The moonlight that seeped through her half opened window showed her lovely silhouette.

‘It’s time’ she said. But I didn’t understand.

‘It’s time to take off the mask’ she replied as she peeled layers, revealing the truth behind the mask.


Okay, did I get the dramatic entry I was gunning for? *Fingers crossed* So yeah, this is one of my several posts on being real. But this isn’t just me telling you stuffs to do, it’s something I’m doing myself. I’ve discovered over the years that I demand perfection from everything including myself and I exert undue pressure to attain that perfection. Bitter truth is I’m not perfect. Most of the posts I put up challenge me a little more than you. I strive to live them out. And hey, I fall on my bum several times. There are times I write on joy and the next week my pillow is soaked in tears. Times when I write on overcoming temptations and within days I’m knee deep in sin.  I’m taking off the mask to admit the one thing I fear the most- imperfection.

I’m not doing this just to put up a post. I’m doing this so you know you’re not alone and you don’t need to hide behind the mask anymore.

What exactly are you hiding behind the mask? Your flaws? Your freckles? Are you afraid of revealing the real you? Maybe, just maybe if they knew, they wouldn’t love you. Maybe your followers will decrease as fast as they increased when they know who you really are? To be honest, I don’t know what will happen when you reveal the truth of who you are. But one thing I know is that the truth sets us free and pretending is just so exhausting!

No, I’m not the perfect girl who lives out every principle in all my writings. I’ve fallen short countless times. I’ve sinned differently from you and I have no right to judge you; neither do you. I’ve been flawed by imperfection. But it’s time to take off the mask. Let the world see you for you.

Taking off the mask reveals the truth of your identity and brings your shortcomings to light. But don’t just stay there. Work on these problems and build a better version of you. This is why mobile applications are usually debugged and issues are fixed before the release of a newer version- and guess what? Everyone goes for the newer version!

Take off the mask. Be you. And develop yourself to a much better version of you. Become all that God has created you to be. May this second half of the year be much better than the first!

I love you just the way you are and am excited about all that you can be!



9 thoughts on “Take Off the Mask

  1. Confronting one’s flaws…volumes can be written on this topic! I too have so many imperfections and it is as you say, we need to begin to deal with them by taking off the mask. Some good points, M!



  2. Reading 📖through reminds me of a drama i scripted in form of a documentary in which at the tale end 🔚, the narrator asked his listeners the Hus Greatest 💪💪 Question⁉. What was it you may want to know “The Excuses we give that makes us do the things we do, If we were to stand before the Almighty, Will they justify us?” Am sure you must seen thus line in one of my comments.
    The most ridiculous part of this was that while scripting, the writer found himself guilty of various scenes and situations he wants to portray to his audience. ‘Funny isn’t it’.
    After the acts on stage, a member of the audience walked up to me and said 💬Mike you guys tried, you guys where great, whattttt, touching Drama 🎬. I looked at him and said 💬 Sir, everything you just saw on stage, even the actors are guilty of it. They are not perfect 💯 as you may think they are, we all have things that we all need to deal with. He looked at me and left.
    Why all these Stories 📖 the mind 😏wants to know. Wasn’t it written 📝 that ” I have prayed for thee, that when you are converted, strengthen your brothers.”
    In today, we try to do it the other way, how can a weak man strengthen a weak man? And it goes vis-à-vis.
    We all need to take off the mask Be perfect as he commended . If it wasn’t possible, The one who created the path won’t have said so. We have the power to be but we must give I ourselves to become.
    Great post M.
    Happy New Month.


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