Photo Credit: Pinterest

Hold me. 

Don’t let me go. 

Tears keep falling down 

Like Niagara falls 

Too scared to talk to anyone 

I know what they would say 

The disappointment 

The prejudice 

The shame. 


Hold me. 

Don’t let me go. 

I’m too scared to face the world 

The scars are all so glaring 

The pain is all so piercing 

I have no options 

Even if I did 

None can love me like you. 


Hold me . 

Don’t let me go. 

Place my feet firmly in your word 

That I may not slip and fall 

Let your word be my sword 

That I may fight the evils that befall me 

Make me a bold witness 

Please remove fear 

Pour out your Spirit 

©Mfon Etuk, 2017

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