night files

Lost; staring at her as she slept so calmly, leaning on the dirty bus window. She must have been pretty exhausted as she slept immediately she got into the bus. She looked so peaceful, sleeping away all her sadness. She heaved a sigh in her sleep as though she had heard his thoughts. She tried to adjust in the uncomfortable bus seat while holding her arms around her shoulders, obviously cold from the heavy downpour a couple of minutes back. 

He offered her his jacket without thinking of himself. He tried to stop himself midway but it was already late because her eyes were opened.

Staring into those large brown eyes made his heart skip a beat. He swallowed hard and tried to mutter something even as the words eluded him ‘Thought you would need this’ he said still holding the jacket around her.

‘Thanks’ she responded, obviously shocked from such a kind gesture.

Looking deep into her eyes he could see a hint of hurt and fear. Who would ever hurt such a dainty girl he wondered.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, clearly aware of his fixed gaze. Fluttered, he turned away.


Jenna smiled shyly as she went back to sleep .She was really exhausted from the day’s work and was shivering from the cold; thankfully this young man gave her his jacket. Who knew there were still good guys in Lagos? Conscious of the smile that just escaped from her lips, she turned her face to the window. Peering out to see the wide expanse of water from the third mainland bridge, she slowly drifted to sleep.

Just then, I turned back to see an older man sleeping and almost falling on my shoulder. Way to wake me up from my daydreams. 😊

Sleep tight world.



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