The beauty about the rainy season is the chilly breeze that lingers long afterwards, especially at night. It rained much earlier in the morning but the weather is still chilled and I’m wrapped up in a duvet. What suits the night better than a late night cup of cocoa?  

I went for a test the other day and one of the ladies applying said she had her first degree 30 years ago. This surprised the panel and they kept inquiring further, trying to test if her brain was still receptive and just how adaptive she was to the knowledge they had to offer. I won’t lie; I was quite surprised at the gap myself as I was familiar with a lot of younger faces. But does one ever get too old to learn?  Is age really a thing when it comes to learning?

And speaking of age, why do we tie a lot of things to age?  I remember reading the Old Testament and seeing how most of these guys that lived really long either started having a family at age 150 or like Abraham, had a kid in their 100s. Was there a different species of humans back then?  Why are women ever so conscious about an invisible ticking biological clock?

I’ve heard stories of kids who lived pretty short lives and still made massive impacts. Why do we really think we have so much time on earth to do all we’ve planned to do?  Why don’t we seize the now and make the best out of it?

Do you know what goes with a cup of cocoa?  Freshly baked bread!  Unfortunately I don’t know how to make one myself (partly because if I do, I’ll most likely be on my way to becoming a huge dough ball)  😂 So yeah,  I had to go the store to pick one. The queue is always ridiculous but despite the waiting period, folks still wait patiently with their shopping baskets to carry the hot, soft parcel of goodness! It’s always worth the wait really. But is everything in life worth the wait? Could it be we wait for the wrong things sometimes?  Maybe we wait for the perfect job while we have the fundamental job for our career. Maybe we even wait for Mr. /Mrs. Right while we have a Mr. /Mrs. Work in Progress already in our lives. Could it be we wait for a flight while our destination is better accessed by a bus?

Just maybe not all wait has great returns, but one which is a given is waiting on God. Just as it is with waiting for bread or petrol at the gas station, the wait could be excruciating. But guess what?  He renews our strength!  He tops up our coffee cups while waiting and says; hey I’ll be with you shortly. We wait on Him with trust that He will hear and answer us and most importantly, it is always worth the wait.

My cup is empty and sleep has been knocking on my door. What have you been musing about lately?  Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?  I look forward to your comments.  tea(1)

Bye for now.



6 thoughts on “DTM: Of Late Night Cocoa

  1. I love tea definitely..then cocoa. I don’t drink coffee so that isn’t an option. Yesss most times we wait like we will have tomorrow for sure but we don’t know that. God is the only one we should wait on

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  2. Actually I like them both! I like a good strong cup of Earl grey Tea but I also like frappes and frappuchinos and generally any frozen coffee!
    Tea calms me especially when I’m sick but coffee? It makes me really happy 😊!


  3. I’m a coffee person. I take mine black without sugar or cream. We (I ) worried about the age thing a lot. I think it’s because of the fear of not accomplishing much or reaching my potential or meeting the expectations that have been set my people (mostly my parents).


    1. You couldn’t be more correct Zee! These are the same things I face. Wow, I didn’t peg you as the black coffee kinda guy 😀Thanks for sharing!


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