Growing up in a quiet neighborhood,  one of my best moments was riding my bicycle around the serene streets. I and my friends often raced each other, doing so with hearty laughs and childish gusto.  Riding was freedom for me, I had no care in the world, I’d just paddle on and on, round and round till mom called me home. 

Anyway, recently I got a bike to ride and it was absolutely exhilarating: wind in hair, legs paddling of their own accord, for one moment I felt like a kid again, riding with reckless abandon. It was one beautiful moment that I’d always remember. Recently I wrote on the lessons on adulting and to be honest, some days I just wish I was a kid again; playing in safe zones, sure my parents would always protect me and my friends would always support me.

But we can’t view our lives from analyzing parts, we have to see it as a sum of all the parts.

We have to view it as a whole, a cumulative view of all our experiences, both good and bad. This is what makes life so beautiful. It’s like this huge jigsaw puzzle and each piece won’t make sense alone. I won’t be a kid forever, neither will I be a young adult (YA)  forever. I’ll have to enjoy every bit of my transition as I grow into all God has designed me to be. Will it be all rosy?  No. Would there be times I’d want to give up?  Yes. But am certain of one thing; God has all the jigsaw pieces and He knows what the picture would look like in the end. So dearest friend, I challenge you to enjoy the journey of life as well, bask in the various phases you find yourself.

So do you have any fond childhood memories?  Or have you got experiences to share on adulting?  Please feel free to share in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “DTM: Of Bicycles and Adulting

  1. This post is great M! I remember swinging on my swing set or in the park as a kid, and how my dad or older siblings would push me. I still love swinging and the carefree, innocent nostalgia it makes me feel!


  2. I remember receiving Christmas cash and gifts from uncles and aunts who came around. Now, I am Uncle (sort of) and big brother, I have to do same. I laugh anytime I remember I used to be on the other end, waiting patiently, with a smile on my face for that big Uncle or Aunt to perform.

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