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I won’t count myself as one who is a Pro in adulting, heck!  I still feel like a teenager sometimes 😂 But I guess crossing from early twenties to mid twenties comes with its own dose of wisdom.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Nobody owes you Jack- enough of all the sense of entitlement, as an adult you need to understand that the world doesn’t owe you anything. You don’t need to keep making unnecessary demands on your parents or on some fellow who promised you a job, life is a race and it’s best you start running it. If you’re given favors, praise God but don’t go around expecting people to fall at your feet or to give you everything you ask for. I repeat,  nobody owes you Jack.
  2. Grow up already- believe me, I still find that statement really harsh. But as soon as you’re 21, the world won’t wait for you to grow up.  You’ll have to get a degree, get a job,  If possible move out from your parent’s place, pay your bills and still send some money home to family. Responsibilities will pull at you from every angle.  Life won’t give you a dress rehearsal or a lecture on how to grow up, you just know, hey it’s time to grow go already. Well,  either you just know or someone else who is fed up of your childishness tells you.

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  3. It’s your turn – having been taken care of from birth till now,  adulthood let’s you know hey, it’s your turn to take care of the home. If you’ve got younger siblings, you wouldn’t need a priest to tell you to buy them stuffs every once in a while or even cover some of their major expenses including tuition fees sometimes. You don’t have to kill yourself if you’ve not got enough money but you should be responsible enough to take on some of these tasks without being told.

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  4. Marriage is sooner than you thought – well for those who intend to get married, as a young adult you soon discover that marriage isn’t in 10 years as it used to be. For some it’s in two years or even less. Not saying marriage has a timeline, am just working with the common 10-year plan for most teens of ‘school-work-marriage’. With that in mind, you’d have to start preparing for the life ahead and you know, put away childish dating lifestyles and get real.
  5. You’re only as old as you feel- some of us look at kids we piggy backed while growing up and they’ve already become these hot Instagram sensations and we wonder how they’ve grown so fast!  Or in most cases, we feel really old with ourselves. Lol. Whilst others are growing and changing, life isn’t leaving you alone. Age might be setting in and your features may be getting more matured; that baby face may no longer be there, thankfully those zits would finally disappear. However, despite these changes you really aren’t as old as you think. Even when you’re 30, you’ve still got a long way to go. Get your groove back,  laugh as a kid, dance in the rain,  treat yourself to some ice cream goodness and stop feeling too old. You really aren’t as old as you think.

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  6. Take a break- the earth wouldn’t stop spinning if you take a break once in a while. Don’t work yourself to death. Yes, we’re all about making money at this stage in our lives but think about who would spend all the money when you’re gone. Take a break once a while, go on a vacation, visit a new place, buy yourself gifts, take care of your health. As I said, the world wouldn’t stop if you took a break,  so here’s a chill pill to swallow  💊

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  7. Yes you can- to be brutally honest,  adulting can get so overwhelming. I have days when I say I can’t adult anymore. I don’t even feel up to it. I literally don’t see myself rising up to get on the grind and make some money and be successful yada yada yada. But with every day I wake up, I learn that I can do this. People have done it before. People have hustled, have worked their asses off,  have held two jobs or more,  have had kids to cater for and aged parents to take care of, people have done this and more. And hey, so can you! No, your skin is not made of sponge cake nor are your bones made of  cheese. You won’t melt under this pressure of adulting. You can do this!

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Well, that’s a wrap for now! No, I didn’t learn these while sitting in my castle or playing hide and seek with bunnies. But hey, here’s a cup of froyo to help you swallow the tough lessons 🙂

Please share with me whatever lessons you’ve learned in your own process of adulting (in the comment section)

Thank you!



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