night files

It was the day before yesterday. I remember clearly because I wore the shirt I disliked. I remember strutting down the hall with my hands in my pocket, feigning confidence which was already lost in that shirt. I saw him; albeit for a split second. But there’s no mistaking it was him. His brief statue darted down the stairs and I was caught in my tracks. I exhaled the air I wasn’t aware I was holding. Something about him sent creep waves my way. Not only mine as I turned to see a woman and her son retreating from his way.  

For a petite man, he wielded so much power. He was infamous in the town of no less than 200,000. At least that’s what the last census said. I was grateful that I didn’t have to see him everyday but the few days that I had to, I loathed.

As I kept gnawing on a carrot and typing at the same time, I noticed an unease in the room. As I turned, my curiosity was satisfied at the sight of the midget. The warm March afternoon suddenly felt like winter as he sent creep waves. He was either oblivious to the fact that people hated him or be just did not want to focus on that. Either way, he smiled and sought our attention.

“Greetings great people!” He bellowed into the public address system.

“I have brought some news for you” the screeching sound system gave me a headache and I couldn’t wait for this to be over with.

All he said was lost to me as I zoned out and thought of a million other things. Soon enough, I was brought back as I heard the words”…we’re going to tear this cyber cafe down and erect a town hall centre”

Who cared about a bloody town hall centre? In a town where internet providers were scarcely heard of, how could he tear down the only place that linked us to a world of civilization. Who was I kidding, these people were not about civilization – at least not yet. They were backwards by as far as a century. Folks who were rich only owned the first batch of Nokia phones (which were no more in production).

The midget promised to settle the cyber cafe owners who seemed pleased with it as their business was running on a loss for so long. I was pretty much the only customer. Oh, and Peter. The guy who reported the international news at the radio station.

How did I get here?

I keep asking myself the same question.

©Mfon Etuk, 2017

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