Copy of Did You Know--- (1)

How has your week been?

Mine has been rainy really. And with every droplet comes the dampness and the blues. If you listen closely you can hear the heavy sighs of souls arching or maybe that’s just the sound of Lagosians dealing with crazy traffic. Whatever it is though, the blues are here but we can’t let ’em stay.

Despite how that first paragraph sounded, I actually love the rain. I love the quiet that comes with it, the very melancholic nature of the rainy period synchronizes with my insides, birthing inspiration and a lot of soul searching. I think the rain is one of the wonders of God and it’s absolutely beautiful. Oh and yeah it gives me a reason to take tea all the time! Lol

Having just written a post on seeking validation and all, the real test came to me this week. I found myself still bending over backwards tryna get a pat on my back from my parents that I was in the right, doing exactly what they wanted of me. Unfortunately, that’s so not true. As much as I try to do what exactly they would want, I still find myself drawn to other things that give me fulfilment. The craziest part is that they don’t even know I’m tryna seek their validation because left to them, they’ve given me everything it takes to chase after my dreams and find fulfilment. Crazy right?

Well the same kinda applies to us and God, when we try to bend over backwards to be righteous in His eyes. To make Him give us good things on the account of all the right things we did. We even feel unloved and unforgiven by God every time we don’t get what we want. Truth is, Jesus already provided all of these from his death. It’s all there! First you need to accept Him and then tap into the bountiful provision of love, of mercy, of righteousness, of forgiveness and more!

I feel like I’m losing touch with certain things I loved doing, including styling and crafts. Does that ever happen to you? Do you just get uninterested in doing stuffs that you enjoyed doing? How do you revive back the interest or passion? I hope to hear from you.

Oh and hey, I started this new series Night Files for some of my short fiction works. Please try and read it! Thanks.

Have a restful weekend