Make a stand. (2)

Validation is for parking, they said…

While I can easily use that as a daily mantra, I know that it’s not always true for me- except I’m now a Mercedes. It almost feels as if there’s this innate desire in man to get approval; from parents, from peers, from society and even from God. We want to be validated for being in the right or being someone they could be proud of.  

Yes, there would be times when they tussle our hair to say they’re proud of us. There would be times when we’d clink glasses with our peers as they celebrate our successes. But there would also be times when you’d hear the full ‘NO’ album with different people singing the NO tracks. No, you can’t achieve that. No, that’s a ridiculous idea. No, you don’t know what you’re doing…and the list goes on.  There would be times when people won’t believe in your dreams.  But in that moment, when you’re sure that you’re right where you ought to be and you’re doing the right thing, what do you do when others say no?

Do you crawl back into your little cocoon, drop your dreams back in the chest of invalid dreams? I know I would! Sometimes it just feels like there’s no need fighting- no energy for that.

However, I’ve come to realize there are certain dreams and visions God gives us that people would not validate. They wouldn’t even see the sense in it and no matter how much you try to pray it away, it remains. You have this strong feeling in your guts that you ought to take that leap; you have that conviction that it’s the right thing to do… So what happens when others say no? Do we go for it?  Or we cower in fear?

I say you go for it! After all, you’re not a Mercedes, and if validation is only for parking then you don’t need it. No, am not saying to take hasty decisions or ignore godly counsel from those ahead of you. I’m saying you need to be able to take actions in the right direction even when the world says no. Truth is, some of the ideas God gives us may sound ridiculous to man but as long as you’ve got His approval, you’ve gotta go for it!

It’s always my desire that you live victorious lives.




Question for the day: 

If fear was removed from the equation, what would you do? Who would you be?


17 thoughts on “When Others Say No

  1. Great post and very inspiring. Thank you. It seems that sometimes I read things at the perfect time.
    If fear was out of the question I’d be sharing my life story, and all my stories, poetry, and thoughts with the world. Making videos, going to open mic nights etc. I just want to inspire as many people I can and share the words that I can’t seem to speak out loud through my creativity

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  2. My friend the writer! This is a deep-beyond-the-surface post and I love the knowledge in it.
    If fear wouldn’t stop me, I’d be more than your average twenty something year old church girl haha


  3. Sometimes I think God gives us ridiculous dreams so that people can see that with Him & through Him, the impossible can happen. And if fear was removed from the equation, I’d be a jet 🙂


      1. Yes, and that’s one of the great things about God. And I meant…..I want to fly as fast and furious as a jet….like, move with that kind of focus towards my dreams 😉


  4. Great post! And so very true, we can’t look to the world to validate the calling that God has given to us. I am moving to do work West Africa be us God said to “go!” People didn’t validate my decision, but God is the one we look to.


  5. We should always yield to God’s prompting even if there’s not one person affirming… If you’re certain it’s God, go for it! I nearly made a mistake of a lifetime on this one about a year ago… But the Lord had mercy. Listening and Hearing what God is sayinf per time is as important as our next breath….if fear was removed, I’d be a renowned christian novelist…a music writer and singer that led the hearts of many to worship the Lord… D

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    1. Yes, you’re so right, hearing God is so key in our lives. Wonderful dreams you have and I pray fear doesn’t stop you. Thanks for sharing Didi. xx


  6. Great post Mfon – this was very inspiring.

    For the most part, I believe I’ve moved past living in fear and needing approval from others. I used to be horrible about this a few years ago, but with time I’ve gotten a lot better. Nonetheless, I’m still a work in progress, so if I could have courage in anything right now, it would probably be in interacting more at work, as I tend to be really quiet there. It’s a lot to figure out and I keep worrying I’ll mess something up. Thus, I would like to be more courageous with that.🙂


    1. Yeah, being in a new environment can be difficult sometimes but I’m sure you’ll soon make friends at work who would make you ease up a bit and stop stressing. My prayers are with you dear. Thanks for sharing! xx

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