of froyosI remember our first date. We were having coffee. I sat across from him, miles away. He didn’t even know me, but to me, he was an open book ready to be feasted upon by my ever curious eyes. I searched through depths of his mind- reading post after post. He was intriguing, I thought to myself. He became the muse and today, I’m borrowing his concept to bring DTM.

Oh BTW, the mystery date is Beaton from Becoming a Muse blog. He writes so wonderfully and always has this setting where we’re either having coffee with him or tea in a few cases. Do check out his blog sometime.

If you  were having Froyo with me….

Well, I’m not a huge fan of coffee. I tried taking it black once and discovered no sugar in the world could fix the darkness in its depths. So yes, we’d be having frozen yogurt and I’d tell you how I love strawberry flavor because it’s pink and I like that they added some nuts in my cup. You’d probably smile and tell me you prefer yogurt in its most basic form- plain and untarnished.

If you were having froyo with me, I’d look beyond you and see the woman coming in with three cute kids, sunglasses in place and heels that stretch for eternity. I wonder how she does it! Raising kids and still looking fabulous. Can one really have it all?

I’d take a long hard look at my cup of melting froyo and smile. This cup has served its purpose- quenching my thirst and taking my mind off the scorching sun overhead. The heat has been crazy lately. I see no reason why hell should be an option for anyone. I mean, why not just live right on earth, accept God’s gift of salvation and make Heaven. No matter how hard that is, I’d still pick it over hell. Just like I’d pick sundresses and sandals over any thick or clingy clothing in this season.

If you were having froyo with me, I’d tell you how much I love my nephew. He’s such a sweet soul. His smile lights up a city. I like how he runs young and free, not having a heart attack because he hasn’t figured his purpose for existence. Even when he gets upset, I like how easily he lets it go. Sighs! If only I could do same. But no, my over analytical mind would go through same situation in several ways!

If you were having froyo with me, I’d smile and tell you thank you. Thanks for taking the time out to be with me; to listen to my random thoughts, to share in one of my favourite things. I always appreciate the company. It gets me out of my head, you know. Oh, and before I forget- how did your week go? Really, tell me about it.

PS: How do you deal with the hot weather?

Lots of love,


13 thoughts on “DTM: Of Froyos and Sunshine

  1. Thanks for the morning “froyo,” M! Did you know that 60% of people, ages 18-49, don’t even believe in hell?! What a sad, sad day they are facing when the Lord judges His people. And I’m with you, I don’t want anything to do with hell. God has made it all but unbearable…with heat and darkness we can’t imagine as humans. Give me the Kingdom of God any day!!!!!!!

    Take care,


  2. Great post Mfon! I totally agree with you about coffee – no matter how much sugar you put in, it still tastes weird. My favorite is tea.😀☕️

    Also, I totally agree with you about salvation and Hell. Any challenge of following Jesus is WAY better than the alternative. Considering I live in the south, I’ve witnessed more than enough heat in my lifetime.😂😂

    Also, for the record, I would totally have a froyo with you!😊🍦

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  3. hello ~M
    Thanks for the yoghurt, I prefer ice cream though; with chocolate flakes ♥ and to be honest, the coffee I drink is not the real strong coffee its mainly chicory and decaf winks conspiratorially but I like flirting with idea of coffee ♥
    and thanks for the shout out, absolutely flattered

    Ps Its not hot at all its actually raining winter is coming this side of the hemisphere…


  4. I think it would be lovely sitting down with you and a big Froyo. I would try to sound interesting so here wouldn’t be plenty awkward silences.

    I deal with the hot weather by lying on the cooker tiles when it gets so hot. ☺


  5. Froyo with you sounds like so much fun! I love mine with Oreos, pineapple, and coconut (tastes better than it sounds). Keep up your creative posts. They make me dream of summer ❤


  6. gosh! I missed blogging lolz.

    Beating is such a witty writer, I love. I like the fusion of synonyms about hell and heat. I mean who would love to end up in hell after experiencing some terrible heat down here.

    Ha! No I don’t do coffee, ice cream and tea please.


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