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Hi guys!

It feels like forever, doesn’t it?  I haven’t been at my literary best of late and I also had to take a time off to review my blogging processes. I would talk more about it in this post.   

Scrolling down my twitter timeline, I came across this tweet from a dear friend as regards a double bill of DTM and my heart sorta leaped for joy. There are tough times for writers and knowing that your readers support you is an extra boost to getting you through whatever rough patch. So thank you guys for holding on and please accept my apologies for going AWOL.

So yeah, the first quarter is gone and I took some time to go through what I did. I discovered something was missing- my blogging friends! Due to the transitions I’ve been having since the year begun, I’ve been finding it hard to stabilize some previous routines including reading posts from other amazing bloggers.  While some didn’t mind and were still very supportive, I felt guilty about it and had to rewind to fix the problem.

Well, I’m back now, thank God. And I’m still trying to catch up on the great work by other blogger-friends (sorry guys!) I also discovered I had a lot of pending awards, so I’ll be sure to put those up real soon.

Phew!  Sorry I’ve just been yapping away.  How are you?  How was the Easter break? Missed y’all!!!

Have a fun weekend!

Lots of love



14 thoughts on “DTM: Pause, Rewind, Fastforward

  1. Welcome!! Its been an interesting year for me but I am slowly finding my way back. I won’t exactly say I am back to the blogging world but I am glad to know you are here..keep up the good work!!

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