DTM (2)Dear Diary,

I’ve been a little lost in time and space. Sailing from the present to the unforeseen future and back. Then there’s the past which some of us are afraid to visit just so it doesn’t hold us back with its stubby sticky fingers. 

Today I decided to visit the past, flipping through worn out pages of my first detailed journal in 07/08. And I came across this little write-up:

Wishes… journal

Usually wished I’d be able to 

Change things 

Change the environment 

Change the horrifying people  

Change the pattern of living 

Change the lonely state 

Change from being melancholic 

Change from being weird 


Usually asked that life be kind 

Become more tolerable 

Become more hospitable 

Become more friendly 

Become more charming 

Become more enchanting 

Become more alluring 


Wishes are but a 

Distant throw 

Nothing is likely 

Going to happen 

If the world is 

Not ready for  

The change 

This held me in awe for a bit. The 15 year old me had been wishing for a change and finally, this year I decided to get deliberate about making changes. To be honest, change could be so irking sometimes. The stretching, the departure from the known to the unknown, the uncertainties- so many things not to like. But there’s also the growth, the expansion in skills and abilities, breaking the limitations of the comfort zone, becoming all that the limitless God had made you to be, the joy of crossing the obstacles and so much more! So instead of getting beat down by one change or the other, I’m deciding to buckle up and grow.

A lot of us wish for change but never have the guts to change. Nothing is likely going to happen if you’re not ready for a change. And by change, I mean progressive change for the better.

Are you afraid of making changes? Why not trust God and take the leap. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how you’ve managed change and how it has helped you grow. 😊

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Shout out to my blogger friend Adaugo! It’s her birthday today 🎂