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This title happens to be one of my favourite songs by Birdy. The lyrics below speak volumes:

You don’t have to do this on your own

Like there’s no one that cares about you

You don’t have to act like you’re alone

Like the walls are closing in around you


You don’t have to pretend no one knows

Like there’s no one that understands you

I’m not just some face you used to know

I know all about you


And you should know that someone cares about you

I know all about you

While the artist may not have been referring to God in that song, I’m going to use it to pass across the message. One person who cares all about us is God. That’s why He sent His son to die for us and save us from the grips of sin and Satan. It’s common to find people out there claiming to be Christians but yet only their church life seems to be on fleek- everything else is a total mess. And you wonder why!

Some of us keep God in the ‘church zone’ and carry on with every other aspect of our lives without seeking Him. Having this morning ritual where we talk to God and dash out for the entire day only coming back at night to mumble another prayer. What happens all through the day? Why do we keep God out of it?

I know how it is to think God wouldn’t be into the little stuffs like outfit for the day or what to eat for lunch- we leave Him to the bigger things like dealing with our enemies who intend to impede our success and what not.

But hey, guess what? God is interested in all about you. I mean, do you even know how many strands of your hair fell out in that last combing? He does! (Luke 12:7)  Isn’t that crazy? God actually wants to be involved in every tinnie-tiny bit of what makes you, you.

I can’t say enough just how limiting we as humans can be. There are even times when our friends tell us stuffs about them and we wonder when they’ll shut up so we can also offload our problems upon them. What needless care we bear! Meanwhile, God is waiting for us to cast all our worries, sighs, cares, joys, moody moments ‘all about you’ on Him!

As you step out this week, don’t leave God in the church. Invite Him to your daily routines. Tell Him about the way you like taking your coffee, about that colleague that gets on your nerve, about that boy you have a crush on, about those shoes you’ve always wanted to get; about your dreams and aspirations. Tell Him everything about you! Because He absolutely cares for you!

I wish you the best week so far this year!



10 thoughts on “All About You

  1. So well put, M! God is not Someone to keep in the church building. Yes we gain edification by going to church, but its primary reason for attending is to worship Him in spirit and truth. The rest of the time is no different…we worship Him in all we do…or we should. We train ourselves in His graces and bring them into our lives everyday that people may see us and know we belong to God. Never be embarrassed about this. We teach others without words sometimes…



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