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Today was a really good day *inserts dancing smiley*. Two good things were involved- food and shopping!Β  πŸ˜€


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Friends do make the journey on earth a lot easier. They are there when you’re rejoicing and when you’re sad. As much as I claim that I make friends easily, over the years I’ve learned to value the ones I already have. I hold onto every one of them who saw me grow from being a child to a mid-twenties adult. As long as that time period is, there’s just a handful of them.

I remember one funny timeline as kids where we would have quarrels and then not talk to each other for some days. You can just imagine the pile up of chats that waited for the first person to break the silence. As soon as one said hi to the other, the load of chats poured out. If only I could always be the bigger person and break the silence…but then, why can’t she say hi first?Β 

Speaking of forgiveness, I’ve been learning a lot from my little nephew. You could scold him for something, have him cry but in a few minutes he’s back playing with you! Why isn’t it that simple with adults? Most times pride sets in or the denial of being the one at fault. And so we wait for the other to apologize. Worse for me is when the other person doesn’t even know they’ve done something wrong and you’re just sulking-unnoticed.

When asked by the disciples how many times to forgive someone, Jesus replied 77 times (Matt 18:21-22). I mean, that person should be sent from hell to upset me that many times- LOL. But we get the point, we always have to forgive. Take it from me, carrying someone in your heart for their wrongdoing is one load you want to let go of.

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Question for the day:Β 

If youΒ  didn’t forgive someone and the person died, is your forgiveness still valid when he’s in the grave?Β 

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Happy Weekend!