Dear Diary,

Isn’t it amazing how publicizing ‘Diaries’ is now a huge thing? I mean, we have Vampire Diaries, Jenifas Diary, Diary of a mad black woman etc. I still remember how over protective I was in high school. I’d be enraged whenever someone sniffed the oh so colorful paperback. I mean, isn’t there a right to privacy? Now that I’m all grown up though, I’ve come to terms with the inevitable fact that no matter how private your life is, at your death, everything becomes open. This has helped me live a more transparent and simplistic life. 

Is it weird that I think of death a lot? I mean, ‘teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom’ is one verse to live by right? Do you ever wonder what would be said at your eulogy? How those closest to you will handle the loss and all? Alright, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you outta here.

Where were we though? Aha! Diaries. I’ve discovered our curiosity jumps at any chance of someone spilling some juicy bits about her life. Or maybe it’s just the connection we strive to achieve amongst ourselves. Whatever it is, I’m here writing a diary and I love it!

Two months have slowly rolled by and that’s getting me a little freaked out. Just the other day I had to pull out my binder full of plans and to-dos to figure out if I’m still on the right path as drawn before the year begun. You know, at the end of the year, it’s not what happened in December that determines whether or not it was a good year – it’s what happened all through the year. Matter of fact, we have barely 8 months left to achieve the goals for the year. November should be a review month. So no more slacking, the year isn’t waiting. Let’s get going!

Enough about me though, how are you?  I mean does the progressive year look like what you had set out to achieve on New Year’s eve? Let’s talk about it.

Happy weekend! ❤

Happy New Month! 😘



17 thoughts on “DTM 5

  1. Happy New month babe.
    The year really isn’t waiting. It’s march already!
    It feels like it was December only yesterday.

    I kept a diary , stopped, then started all over again …repeating the cycle because of that constant fear of someone reading my ‘innermost ‘ thoughts. Then I got to the point of not writing it all out cos I didn’t want it falling into the wrong hands.

    I’ve ticked some goals but not at the pace I want to. So buckling needed.


    1. Hey Tamie! 😃 IKR, my fear of people reading personal stuff was of epic proportions. You could get a safe for them 😂
      I’m happy you’re progressing with your goals. Little by little you’ll tick them off. Thank for sharing dear! 😊

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  2. Your questions don’t scare me! Haha realizing our mortality is a great way to bring things into perspective, as long as we look forward to our eternity in Heaven. And yes, this year is going by so fast that it can be a little scary (but also exciting)!


    1. Hahaha! Thanks Emily for not running away 😃 Yes, eternity in Heaven is something to look forward to 😊 Ah yes! It’s also exciting how fast the year is moving. Thanks for reading dear!

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  3. Oh, diaries/journals are great! I like looking back on them once in awhile and seeing how far I’ve come…it’s amazing how evidently we change over time–from the way we think to the way we write! Oh, and our penmanship too…Hahaha!
    The year’s going by pretty fast, but it’s doing well for me, since you asked 🙂 Happy New Month to you too!


    1. Ah yes! Diaries/journals do make us track changes. My high school journals are currently a comic relief for me. But then, I wasn’t finding it funny 😂 Thank God your year is going really good Beatrice! 😊

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  4. The year has really flown by. March already! Haven’t ticked most of the goals I wanted to achieve by February, I’ll just need to work harder and smarter.


  5. Hi, M! No, it isn’t strange to think about death…I do a lot as well. But my thoughts are more along the lines of a personal “check-up” to make sure I’m still on my faithful path to heaven. Sometimes, I fear that I am not, that I’ve slipped away from it. But much of that is the devil’s work…he loves to make believers worry about their salvation!

    I agree with you about how it used to be with diaries. It used to be top secret stuff! But not anymore. Lead that honest and “transparent” life, M, for it is the best way to be. Have a super day and be blessed, and a blessing to someone.



      1. One last idea in comment. When I “worry” about my salvation, I think of King David. He was constantly asking God for forgiveness!! He must have fought so hard to stay with God, but felt he had wondered off many times…and he did. But God always forgave him and I’m sure he’s in heaven. Just a thought, M!



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