DTM (2)Dear Diary,

I’ve been slacking on this journaling process- to be honest, some days are just humdrum and dull. But then again, some others are really good. Life is all about balance- highs and lows, ups and downs, fun and boring. We can’t keep waiting for the sizzling stories when in reality, there are more mundane stories. So please pardon me for the late delivery of the last 2 episodes. I mean, I actually didn’t think anyone was reading- but my friends keep reminding me every Friday and that’s so sweet! 😉

So this has been my year of discovery. I’ve taken some leaps in areas I played safe in. And to be honest, it’s liberating. Instead of sitting down thinking of the ‘what ifs’, am actually doing things this year. One of which is allowing cupid shoot me with its little arrow.

You know what I’ve discovered about love though, it’s absolutely nothing like the movies. Maybe a little. But in reality, soft music doesn’t automatically play in the background when you’re together nor does the wind blow through your hair. I’ve found out love really isn’t a noun but a verb. You’ve gotta put in the work. Be invested just as you’d be in your career or any other area of your life you count as important.

Speaking of importance, I really need to practice Steve Covey’s time management quadrant.  It’s sad how I spend so much time in the wrong quadrant. Discipline, baby! That’s what I need right now.


So I’m stuck in traffic…you know the usual rush hour traffic while workers travel from the island back to the mainland. It’s a huge time killer! If we calculate how much time we spend in traffic, we’ll harvest large pockets of time. But no worries, I believe we could always make the best out of it.

I feel like telling you a joke but sadly I can’t come up with any. So I’m just gonna drop some memes.




Another way to look at it! 😀 text

I hope that made you smile.

Happy weekend!



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