DTM (2)

Dear Diary,

It’s exactly one week since I made the biggest decision of my life. Not to marry him just yet, calm your horses! I mean the other big decision. And yeah, I feel a lot better. Finally January is over…were there like 2 months locked in one? Gee! It just felt like it’d never end. 

So I’m late on watching the YouTube series ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’ and based on my soul sister’s recommendation, I’m so binge watching it! BTW, why do YouTube exercise videos leave me breathing so hard and yet never returning to continue them the next day? Don’t answer that.

It’s funny how now that I have more time to spare for my personal work, I actually keep a more organized to-do-list. Lists make me really happy! I know how weird that sounds- LOL. But the concept of organization is one that cannot be lost.

Seems the rainy season has fully kicked in here as I’ve been drenched two days in a row . But really, rain is all fun and games except when you’re out on a Monday morning looking like a wet cat with your hair plastered to your face and your shoes heavy from the water you had to paddle through. I think that’s a sign from the universe to go shoe shopping  😀 


Photo Credit: silverwing.tv

Yeah, the first month is over, and the year is no longer a newbie. It’s time to get goals rolling and ideas, churning.  I have a really good feeling about this year! I hope you do too. Everything we do each day of this year either inches us closer to our dreams and goals or farther away. Be deliberate!

Cheers to a well-deserved weekend snack!