DTM (2)

Dear Diary

A new chapter of my life just opened up to me and I’m literally staring at a blank sheet. Thanks to my soul sister, I’m going to chronicle this phase of my life (partly because it keeps me from losing it sometimes). Welcome to the first part of the Diary of a Transitioning Millennial (DTM) series.

So yeah, I got outta bed without an alarm clock seeping through my senses. This was the first time in a long time that I slept in late on a week day.

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 I dragged through my devotion and morning huddles and found myself at my favourite spot in front of the TV. Who knew? No interesting shows go on during work hours! Yikes! I found myself watching CNN with some keen interest I never had. My thoughts spiraling, my body stuck, I knew it was gonna be a long day. Oh, and yeah, Trump seems to be making a lot of waves, right?

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Change, they say is the only constant thing. A lot of changes are going on in the United States and pretty much the entire international system. This year I finally decided to make some big changes. As I’m typing this, I still cringe at the thought of change. But not all change is bad yeah?

Photo Credit: Instaquote.info


Well, I’ll be running the ‘Diary of a Transitioning Millennial’ every Friday on the blog. So you may wanna stay tuned if you’re into random thoughts, musings, and bouts of personal rants; basically, a glimpse into the life of M. But then again, if you’re not into that, be sure to check back on Sunday for the weekly dose of inspiration! 😉 

I love you, but God loves you more!

Till the next time, ciao!


9 thoughts on “DTM

  1. I may be a bit “thick headed,” but just what exactly are you transitioning to or from? Sorry I don’t get it…



    1. Oh Steve please! We both know you aren’t thick headed 🙂 I’m equally curious about what I transition into! 😀 I guess we’ll have to watch God unravel things. Thanks for being attentive to this detail.

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      1. I guess the term “transition” throws me. Guess I’m more used to “transformation.” It will be interesting to see what anyone in Christ transforms into…

        Liked by 1 person

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