I’m so elated to know my 2016 blog goals have been achieved! Even though it did not come last year as I expected, I’m still so excited to have hit that milestone- over 1,000 followers and over 20,000 hits! (this calls for a dab!) It has been God all through and I’m so grateful to Him! img_9387

I’m also very thankful for all my esteemed readers and followers. You guys have helped me in so many ways! I pray that in this year, you will achieve all your set goals, in Jesus name! Thank you for the love and support! God bless you muchos!

If you’ve got any topic you’d like me to write about on the blog, please share in the comment section. Thank you!

PS: There’ll be new features coming your way on the blog this year, so watch this space!

Lots of love,


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