Happy new year friends!

Thank God we made it through. I’m also very thankful for everyone who was involved and committed in the Think-Thank Challenge 2016. It was amazing! Special thanks to Captain, Diane, Damola, Ruth, Eddy, Ogechi, Steve, Nancy, Sesan and everyone else who commented or shared. Your support meant a lot to me. God bless you! ❤ 

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for some weeks. I had to take a break after TTC which was further enhanced by my limited internet connectivity. I’m so grateful to everyone who checked up on me to know what’s up. 🙂 You know, it’s so easy to keep updates with people based on their feeds appearing on your social media timeline. But whatever happens when they go offline? We probably render them the DOA status. Not sure what’s going with them. In some cases, not even noticing they’ve been offline until they reappear.

It’s no wonder some of us experience the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and find it hard to actually have real lives outside the virtual world. We are afraid that the moment we stop posting, the world will forget us. This break actually helped me understand a few things better.

  1. Life outside our phones and gadgets actually exists and it’s a lot peaceful
  2. Those who really matter, still reach out whether or not we are online
  3. A proof that we’re not addicted and controlled by  our devices is in taking periodical breaks

Well, this post is to let you know I’m alive 😀 and I missed everyone of you! I officially welcome all my esteemed readers into 2017! I know it’s going to be a wonderful one for us!


Lots of love,