Hey Guys!

I’m so grateful to God for the wonderful blogging year so far! Y’all have been patient with me and  committed to checking out my posts. May the good Lord bless you immensely! ❤

The best part of blogging for me is making new friends! What’s the use of the internet if you’re not gonna have internet friends? 😉

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So, for today’s weekend extra, I’d like to get to know more about you! 😀  gettting

Here are a few questions I’d like you to answer in the comment section below. Please don’t shy away.


  1. What’s your first name?
  2. What country are you from?
  3. What’s your favourite food?
  4. Movies or books?
  5. Current favourite song
  6. What one word best describes your life right now?
  7. What do you like about this blog?

Looking forward to your replies! Thank you!

Photo Credit- Pinterest

Have an amazing weekend!

Lots of love,


31 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. Emmm… My first name is IJ, I like to use dat abbreviation & you’ll understand if you’re Nigerian. Oh… Dat answers question2, I’m Nigerian.
    I love fooood. Everything tastes nice in my mouth I dunno if I hav a favorite.
    Movies or books? Both! Ok I guess book, but I also kinda love movies.😁.
    Current fav song? I dunno o
    My life right now? Cool!
    What I like about your blog? It’s soo Christianly and motivational.


  2. OK, my first name my parents tell me is Emeka, however I think chukwuemeka might be more appropriate.
    Am from Nigeria
    I think I like poundi and coke

    I love reading good books and watching amazing movies, I like to admire the minds behind the scenes and papers.

    For my current favourite song, scandal of grace.

    I think a word that describes my life no would be patience.

    I like the mind behind the blog and the fact it’s interactive.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    1. I’m so happy your comment went through this time 😀 I like that song by Hillsongs! Hmm, patience…that’s never easy- but worth it. Thanks Emeka! It’s good to know the mysterious captain behind the wheels of the flying Dutchman 🙂


  3. First name Didi also my nick name
    Live in Lagos Nigeria.
    I’m absolutely in love with doughnuts its not food but they are my fave. Movies cause I never have time to read. My life right now is Complicated but still relaxed. And I’m having exams.
    I love your blog cause its really self-expressed, its linked with God and its been helping people overcome so much. And also cause I love your gravatar


    1. Hey Didi! Nice to meet you! Doughnuts are yummy! 😊 I don’t know how you can put complicated and relaxed together but that’s really cool! Good luck with your exams dear. Aww, thanks for liking the gravatar 😊 Btw I dig the name ‘Fabianwhyte’ I need to know how you came up with it 😉

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    1. Hey Irma! Nice to have you here. Yeah steak’s delicious and I’d check that song out by Muse 😊 Life’s confusing most of the time 😓 Thanks for the kind words. I recently started following your blog and there’s so much depth in what you write. I definitely connect to what you write as well. ❤

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  4. I love this post, Lol.

    I am Imma
    a proud Nigerian
    Boiled Plantain and veggie
    Both (Books 80% , Movies 20%)
    Son of God by Nathaniel Bassey
    I love the style of writings – relational, motivational, inspirational and most importantly God driven. Also appreciate the awesome mind behind the blog

    Oya lemme come and be going, LOL


    1. Imma! 😃 plantain and veggies- that’s really healthy 😊 just 20% for movies? 😞 Nice song. Thanks for the encouraging words 😊 One thing I know is that even though davidpebbles disappeared, the brain behind it can recreate yet another awesome blog. Xx

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      1. Awwn! Thanks Darling ! You are far too awesome a personality.
        Ha Lemme say 30% for movies though then, Lol.
        I actually use to watch movies a lot in my early twenties until few years back


  5. My first name is Adedamola(theres a longer version but its not important right now). I am from Nigeria. I don’t really have a favorite food..I can make a long list though of food I don’t like…anyhow I love books but I like movies too but I will definitely pick a book over a movie. One song I am currently listening to now is Onise Iyanu..(I love this). My life is an adventure😊😊😊

    I like your blog because it is relatable and I learn quite a lot from it


    1. Hiya Damola! Oh my! You must be a really picky eater 😂 I’ve heard the song in passing but I’ll check it out again. Hmm, adventure eh 😉 As regards being relatable, the feeling is mutual 😊 Thanks dear!


  6. 1.My first name is Fortunate,2. I’m from Rwanda,3. fast food,4. movies, 5.Current favorite song is King of my heart, 6.Waiting 7. I love that this blog is a lifestyle one, with a Godly perspective.


    1. Yay! My first Rwandese friend! 😀 Finally someone picked movies 😉 Waiting…hmmm. How’s that going? Thank you for the encouraging words. I recently followed your blog but I already like it there. Thanks Fortunate! 🙂 🙂

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      1. Yehh💃, glad i got that first place! (ur first Rwandese friend😊) , haha I love good movies, i barely finish any book i start reading.. Feels like many areas of my life are on the WAIT!! It’s a difficult season but I believe there’s alot God wants us to learn during this period.. So, am not complaining,you know… Patience and Faith 💪, thanks dear. I appreciate how interactive you’re! Bless you


      2. I have that same problem with books…LOL. Well written, the waiting season isn’t fun but essential. It’s all gonna work out for our good in the end. Thanks for being ‘interactive’ with me 😀 (it takes two to tango) 😉 Stay blessed dear!

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      3. Lol @ us not finishing the books we read. Let’s get better at this one though 🙈. Yes, I believe it’s gonna work for our good, Amen! Yeahhhhh, it takes two to tango 😄


  7. A nice post, M! Yes, making friends here is a big part of the blogging we love to do. So…you know my name is Steve and I’m from So. California, USA. My favorite movies are usually sports related or biblical. I just read a great book which I recommend to everyone called “Muscle and a Shovel” by Michael Shank. People can find it at: “muscleandashovel.com” and it is value priced!

    Steve 🙂


  8. Hey Dainty, sorry I’m a little late here.
    What’s your first name? – Courtney
    What country are you from? – America
    What’s your favourite food? – Probably cake and cookies 😂
    Movies or books? – Books!
    Current favourite song – Anything Christmas-y 😜
    What one word best describes your life right now? – Thankful
    What do you like about this blog? – It’s very real and inspiring!


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