Dangers of the ‘Me too!’

Imagine you’re going through some rough patch in your life or you’re battling some sin or vice and you finally open up to someone and they say ‘oh my God! I face this same thing’. The words ‘Me too!’ tumble down like the savoury Toblerone chocolate on your tongue. Those two words are most heart-warming and immediately bridge the gap between any two-people facing similar experiences.

We all like to hear ‘me too’ because this shows the person would understand beyond theory as they have felt it and practically gone through it.Picture this coversation; ‘So M, I think I have a problem with overeating. I’ve been indulging in a lot of junk food lately’ Then I clasp my hands over my mouth and finally say, ‘You too? Same thing has been happening to me. I even revoked my gym membership because of the guilt of always returning to packs of chocolate’ This is the beginning of two people sharing similar experiences and probably handling it the same way. me2

As I said, ‘me too’ feels so good. It lets you know you’re not alone in this. But then the danger arises when you get comfortable in that sin or vice because you know you’ve got a partner. Take for instance a youth who falls into the sin of sexual immorality and finally opens to a senior youth at church who also admits to the same vice. That ‘me too’ moment is there as they both feel comfortable talking about it. However, the danger arises when this youth refuses to fight the sin because his senior youth is also stuck in it.

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our vices because we know other people who are in it, some of which we even feel are better than us. We wallow in our endless conversations on how the same thing keeps recurring. No one gets freed because they become co-dependent. Let’s go back to the first example on overeating. As long as I and the friend in that example keep talking, we’d always talk about the journey to obesity by allowing food control us. But then if I shift to my gym friends with the healthy bodies, I would notice how awful my situation has become and probably start working on it.

It’s good to comfort one another in ‘me too’ moments but don’t get stuck in sin or vices because you have a partner in crime. If you must break the association with such people, please do and get out of the pit. Once you’ve overcome, you can go back and show them the way out. Chances are, if you two are still meddling with the vice and enjoying the ‘me too’ conversations, you wouldn’t easily break free.

I pray you understand this post and begin to take action steps in the right direction. Some ‘me too’ friends may have to go for you to get better. Embrace hard truths and tough love from your real friends and family who want the best for you. Nothing stops you from breaking free, except yourself. 

It’s my desire that you live victorious lives.

Have a blessed week!


25 thoughts on “Me Too!

  1. Awesome! !!
    I don’t read offen but The tittle captivated me to reading this and it so happens that I’m inspired. Thanks girl. God bless u for sharing your wisdom.


  2. Amen and Amen to this great post, M. It does make the problem easier to give into if we know another is doing it too. A good reminder to all of us that we must remain responsible for our own actions…



  3. “It’s good to comfort one another in ‘me too’ moments but don’t get stuck in sin or vices because you have a partner in crime.” So wise. I’ll keep this in my head.


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