So my very good friend Bidemi Badejo just called me by say  11pm, stating that it is still my birthday. She’s totally right!

I have great friends for years… and one very dear to me in the Blogging sphere gave me this birthday post challenge. Shout out to Mfon of daintym

Here we go…dizzy as I am, grace found me to scribble down 23 lessons I have learnt so far as at today…

  1. God is faithful. I can write this 23 times and just get done with this post, but it still will not be enough to state the veracity of this statement I have learnt, ‘He is a faithful God!’
  2. I have learnt to pray at every point in time and turn it over to intense praise when the battles get tougher. That person that said, praise is the highest form of prayer, most definitely fought some crazy battles…

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