How Meditation before sleep can enrich your life in more ways than you think

After a long and tiring day at work, you quickly finish your dinner and other routine chores so you can go to bed early just to have a good 8-hour long sleep. Instead, you end up tossing and turning, thinking about the new project that’s about to start or the weird thing that your boss said and before you know it, it’s already 2 am. When you haven’t slept enough the next morning you’re tired and fatigued and that results in poor productivity and inefficiency at work. Don’t you just wish you knew a magic trick to simply shut off your mind from these unnecessary random thoughts and go to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow? Well, we have a solution, Meditation!

Meditating right before going to sleep helps you clear your mind of stress and allows you to sleep much better. Even if you have no problem falling asleep and sleep 7-8 hours a night, meditation before sleep can still help you with the quality of your sleep. Meditation does not only help you sleep better but it also improves the quality of your day.

Meditation teaches a person to breathe properly; specifically, deep breathing is a key to meditating, which has numerous benefits. Better oxygen supplies mean that the body does not have to work overtime to deal with toxins and hence the stress on vital organs is reduced. Deep breathing also kick starts your lymphatic system, hence improving your body’s immune system. All these effects of deep breathing during meditation translate into you being healthier and happier individual.

Meditation allows you to focus on your life and hence allows you to have a clearer head throughout your day. This makes you more efficient in problem solving when you’re awake. With the world becoming more and more complex and connected, it has become imperative to take a breather, look at your emotional and psychological needs so you can effectively address them. This is not a magic pill that you take once and everything starts to get better. Meditation is an activity that takes time to master, so you can gradually improve your physical and psychological health.

Success and meditation may also be connected as more and more successful people are meditating. Looking at famous people who meditate is interesting, as you come to see that each individual state’s different benefits that they tend to get out of meditation.

Clint Eastwood, the famous movie director & actor says that he has been meditating for more than 40 years. He claims it really helps him with battling the stress in life.

Jennifer Aniston says that she started meditating a year ago and the results have been amazing. She tries to meditate for thirty minutes every day and says it enables her to look at the larger picture of her life. Meditation for her is a source of energy which helps her start each morning fresh and with a renewed vigor.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, works around 18 hours a day on weekdays and sleeps only 6 hours. According to Dorsey, meditation is solely why he is able to pull this routine off. He meditates for 30 minutes every morning and says that it helps keep his mind active and charged, ready to take on the day’s challenges.

The great thing about meditation is that it’s absolutely free and you can do it anywhere. We hope that after reading through all these benefits you’ll consider taking up meditation, so you can sleep like a baby during the night and wake up super charged and ready to take on life!

About Author eugene

Eugene Gabriel who blogs at has always been fascinated about sleep and the effects of good quality sleep, or the lack of it, on productivity and overall well-being. Follow him on Twitter @eugenegabrielj.

Hope you found this really enlightening as I did. Thanks again Eugene for sharing!

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