If you would write at all: why not tell the truth?

Of real life trends…

realityThe relationship crisis of AS and AS/AC not being able to get married to each other; in spite of the prospects of a blissful relationship.

The reality of girls becoming ‘friend-girls’ to guys that claim they have master-plans and are on a search for a particular helpmate. Similar to that, guys getting stuck in the ‘friend-zone’ trap.

The career waiting period that entails writing series of tests and getting crawling response rates from Human Resource (HR) departments of ‘reputable’ Firms. This leads to the bane of underemployment or brain-freezing unemployment (worst case scenario).

The rough edges that arise from; youth independence, start-up initiatives, dream implementation, brand development. In simple terms; the first two years of blogging, the first 5 months of a start-up business, the first year of an event-initiative, the first 6 months of…

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