xtreemSometimes God uses extreme situations to get our attention. I’ve found this to be true. Days when I’m doing everything right and following my usual routines seem ‘blah’ in comparison to days when I trip and fall into temptation. Days when imperfection is boldly written across my forehead. Such days when I feel like a worthless piece of rag God wouldn’t want to have anything to do with – those are the days when I hear Him. When I feel Him. When I know without a doubt, the undiluted grace of God. You wouldn’t know the gravity of forgiveness until you’ve done something really wrong.  

There are others who face extreme situations such as death of a loved one, or a near death experience, or robbery, loss of job or just a state of being low. You know, that low that comes after a high. After the noisy night of partying ends and you wind up lonely. In such moments, He has our attention. He speaks. He lets us know what we ought to do and how we ought to live.

It’s like a father with a college kid who never really calls until they get broke. So broke, they turn back to their father in desperate need of financial help. God knows that to get your attention sometimes He needs to shake your world a little. Shake all the things you trust in. Yes, you trusted the bus ride to be smooth as always but today the tire went off and the bus swerved so close to the edge of the bridge. Your life flashed before your eyes. ‘Jesus!’ You screamed, desperately hoping He would give you another chance to right your wrongs and live right. Sometimes we never keep the vows we make. But when we get so shaken up, we realize just how much we need Him.


Are you in an extreme situation? Do you feel so lost? So low? So imperfect? So lonely? Don’t fear, you’re right where He wants you. Now He’s got your attention, so open up to Him. Tell Him everything, ask for His help and listen. It’s amazing the lessons we learn from such moments! I pray you don’t misuse such moments complaining or beating yourself up about it. Remember God’s love never fails! He loves you too much to let you go!


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