If I see one more post or quote portraying an encouragement to the ‘single’, I might be concerned. Scrolling through my Facebook wall on a faithful day and a lady posted, and I rephrase “Getting married is not an accomplishment…”

Oh well, I really do not know where that came from. A few minutes into my scrolling, I had a ‘eureka’ moment. Alas, it was a post about “God has not forgotten you if you are single and you should know He is working someone special for you…”

I understand, but then I also do not get it. Sharp questions ran through my mind…Why? Why? Why? First things first, what does the word single mean? Second of all, who defined singleness? The most pressing question is: ‘Is it me, or is there a stereotype to the word ‘single’ and when did it begin to sound like a condition that needs…

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10 thoughts on “Single or Married?

  1. I don’t like the word single. We are always in a relationship: with God, as the source of our life, with the vastness of space, the glory and beauty of billion worlds and galaxies, to our family and friends, to our own soul. We are always in a relationship. And every relationship is holy. No man is an island. God is everywhere and in everyone. Marriage, a true love relationship, two soulmates loving and embracing each other, is maybe the greatest blessing in the universe, but I would never enforce it. Kahlil Gibran said it very well in his famous poem about love: „And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.“

    Blessings to you,


    1. Thank you Mark for sharing such deep insights. Indeed we aren’t really single in the real sense of it, we have friends and family who care about us. I like that quote you raised. God bless you! 😊

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  2. The word “single” has a negative often has a negative connotation because many people have a very narrow definition of the word. While the most common definition is single is alone, it also means “consisting of a separate unique whole”. Look at when the Lord made Adam; he was a complete, unique individual by himself. He was busy being the man God made him to be without the company of another human being. Notice the Bible doesn’t say Adam was lonely. In fact, Adam wasn’t even the one to mention that he needed a helper, God did. Now that I’m married, I can honestly say that no one can truly appreciate marriage until they have enjoyed being single. Singleness is not a dungeon that people wait in until “the one” brings them out, it’s a state of completeness that doubles as a training ground for a healthy marriage relationship should one choose to be involved in one.

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  3. I think the word unmarried is more appropriate in the real sense of it. I don’t get where the ‘single’ label comes from. Nobody is single in the real sense of it because it kind of create a situation of isolation. Whereas in true sense, no one is single. Because you aren’t attached to someone in a matter of marriage is no substitute for such labelling.

    If you feel single you are right, if you Dont, you are Also right

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