If I see one more post or quote portraying an encouragement to the ‘single’, I might be concerned. Scrolling through my Facebook wall on a faithful day and a lady posted, and I rephrase “Getting married is not an accomplishment…”

Oh well, I really do not know where that came from. A few minutes into my scrolling, I had a ‘eureka’ moment. Alas, it was a post about “God has not forgotten you if you are single and you should know He is working someone special for you…”

I understand, but then I also do not get it. Sharp questions ran through my mind…Why? Why? Why? First things first, what does the word single mean? Second of all, who defined singleness? The most pressing question is: ‘Is it me, or is there a stereotype to the word ‘single’ and when did it begin to sound like a condition that needs…

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