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The name is My Name.

I’m a man. I’m a good man, I think I am. Yeah, I should be. I try to be a good person. And I hope with God’s grace I will be. I live a calm and happy life. Calm in the way that I like it. Comfortable enough for me. Yeah, a good life. I want the good things of life; yeah I do, who doesn’t? While trying not to cross over to the other side- lust. I pray for Grace.

I want to make the whole world a better place, and I believe I’m working towards it, with grace on my side; a whole lot of her, LOL. I think I just wrote down ‘LOL’ for the first time in my life on paper. I have a grin on my face right now mehn

Life is changing, I think it is, I know it is, and things with it. <hmm!> The human. What a basic structure. A perfectly engineered working system. No flaws, no err… What?! What a God! He should be cherished.

I wonder how we function, with errthing, (yeah ‘errthing’), working together to achieve a common goal, the power of teamwork. Maybe we should learn from this, if we can. Anyone goes greedy, there’s an imbalance. Helping one another live and be better; The Support System. It should be like that, I mean, why not?! Together, maybe, the better.

I wish life could be better than this. Yeah, if wishes were horses, whatever, whatever. I never got that umm… if you know what they call it. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride…”. Oh! It just came to me. I got it like a re-ve-la-tion! I hope you did too, LOL; the second time, with that grin.

I wonder what I look like, I mean, from another person’s eyes. I know I would look different. I should; that’s how I feel.

If I could pick a superpower, yeah if I could, I think I’ll like to control time. Time… another something. Really Something. Time, and life. I think time is life. You live your time. And when your time stops, it’s over. We want more time; we pray for more time. Even the old, I mean really old, want more time. I hope that’s not offensive. If it is; to whosoever concerned, you know the drill. LOL; yeah that’s it again, and I’m full of it right now… Time. Value it, use it wisely.

Distractions. Life; distractions; allies. They’re everywhere, even when you’re not looking, that’s how deep it runs. Focus; the focal point of growth, good growth. With these great minds everything can be achieved. Knowledge is key, they say. ‘My people perish for the lack of knowledge’ – The Bible. Knowledge is what could change a certain kind of man to a certain kind of person. I think personality is something important too. I think you are your personality, your personality is who you are. Molded from your life experience, forming who you are. It’s what you are, it should be.

Distractions, you’re distracted from who I am.

Written by Anonymous.


Life could be full of distractions sometimes that we lose sight of what is important. The writer did a good job at leaving  loose strings of thoughts… I hope you were able to focus and get the main gist! Pardon the anonymity of the writer, you could just refer to him as Anon. (short for anonymous) 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this! ❤

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Have a nice weekend!



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