Change remains a constant. It’s best we learn how to welcome it. I hope this inspires you as it inspired me! 🙂

In Pursuit


Have you ever heard someone say “welcome” to change? I haven’t. In fact change is something that used to be my worst nightmare until I experienced it, and God faithfully altered my view of change. But that’s another story for another time.

I find it ironic that autumn is my favorite season, while I used to hate change. After all, autumn is basically the season when the most things change. Leaves fall, grass dies, chilly weather rolls in, school starts. Life shifts gears. Change is natural. It’s something God created beautifully. We should embrace it.

Some might say they wish summertime would last forever. I completely understand this. I’d thoroughly enjoy the school-less, beach-filled, relaxing, sunny season for days and days. But I would get tired of it eventually. I would probably get sunburn on top of my sunburn, feel extremely bored, and tell the Texas sun to stop frying me.


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